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an advanced feature request (i.e. probably very costly, and not gonna happen untill somebody really needs high availability, and is willing to pay for it... and a name for a blank wiki that takes the edit submissions while the main wiki is in read only maintanance mode, for an upgrade. The train man is the program the merges the pages back together when the wiki comes back online.

The subway station is taken from en:The Matrix Reloaded and

<JeLuF> can mysql have a unique constraint on multiple columns?
<TimStarling> yes, we have one on links
<brion> only reason we haven't already done it is that it would require downtime to alter the table :PPP
<MrDarkUser> brion: does that involve a "read only" mode while things are updating, or taking it completely down?
<brion> in theory, a read only mode could work
<brion> but that's damn annoying even then ;)
<MrDarkUser> yes... arg.. and there is the possibilty of caching pages that are currently being edited... and ... changes being submitetd could go into a blank wiki
<MrDarkUser> and be merged back again.. it could be called "the subway station"
<MrDarkUser> and the program to merge the stray edits could be called... "the train man"
<MrDarkUser> ... or Mobile Ave...
<MrDarkUser> unique contraints should speed things up a bit too?
<TimStarling> no, unique constraints slow things down
<TimStarling> I think they say that in the manual somewhere