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Applicant Details[edit]

Please provide your main Wikimedia Username.


Please provide the Usernames of people related to this proposal.


Are you a member of any Wikimedia affiliate or group, including informal groups like Wiki Fan Clubs, emerging language communities, not recognized Wikimedia groups etc.? Please list them all.

Indonesian Wikisource Community, Wikimedia Indonesia, Medan Wikimedian Community,

Grant Proposal[edit]

M. Please state the title of your proposal. This will also be the Meta-Wiki page title.

Malay Language Preservation and reworking of North Sumatra Writer's literature using Wikimedia Common, Wiktionary dan Wikisource Bahasa Indonesia

Q. Indicate if it is a local, international, or regional proposal and if it involves several countries? (optional)


Q2. If you have answered regional or international, please write the country names and any other information that is useful for understanding your proposal.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

R. If you would like, please share any websites or social media accounts that your group or organization has.

1. What is the change that you are trying to bring about and why is this important.


1. The lack of understanding of Wikisource for the Malay Speaker around the ESEAP region
2. There is so many public domain text which written in Malay language by North Sumatra's writer which has been rewritten into Indonesian language by commercial publisher, but the price is expensive and can't be accessed free


1. Memperkaya konten Wikisource Indonesia, Wikimedia Common dan Wikidata secara bersamaan.
2. Memberikan akses terhadap buku domain publik yang tersebar di beragam tempat dalam satu kesatuan di Wikisource Bahasa Indonesia.
3. Meningkatkan Kapasitas Editor Wikisource Indonesia dalam pengetahuan hak cipta dan penyuntingan di Wikisource.
2. Describe your main approaches or strategies to achieve these changes and why you think they will be effective.

Kami akan menggunakan media sosial dari Komunitas Wikisource Indonesia yang berjumlah tiga yang tersebar di Facebook, Twitter dan Instagram dengan nama akun wikisource.id untuk mengajak para peserta mengikuti kegiatan ini secara luring. Kegiatan ini juga akan disiarkan secara bersamaan dengan komunitas kota terkait yang hampir semua kota memiliki komunitasnya masing-masing.

3. What are the activities you will be developing and delivering as part of these approaches or strategies?

Kami akan melakukan pelatihan secara luring di lima kota yang tersebar di beberapa pulau Indonesia, yaitu Medan, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya dan Manokwari. Pelatihan ini akan mengundang Creative Commons Chapter Indonesia sebagai pembicara untuk melatih dan meningkatkan kapasitas untuk pengetahuan tentang hukum hak cipta di Indonesia. Setelah pemberian materi, para partisipan akan dipandu untuk menggungah naskah ke Wikimedia Commons, membuat butirnya di Wikidata lalu membuat indeks di Wikisource Indonesia yang telah tersebar di beberapa sumber yang telah dimiliki Komunitas WIkisource Indonesia

Proposed timeline January: Preparation for the event by preparing survey, learning material and booked the accommodations and transportation to the city February: Event in Medan and Bandung March:Event in Manokwari April: Event in Denpasar May: Event in Surabaya and reporting

4. Are your activities part of a Wikimedia movement campaign or event? If so, please select the relevant campaign below. If so, please select all the relevant campaigns from the list below. If "other", please state which.

Not applicable

5. Do you have the team that is needed to implement this proposal?

Ghinafarahtika- narahubung Komunitas Wikimedia Medan sebagai koordinator acara di Kota Medan dan anggota dari Komunitas Wikisource Indonesia Kadek Ayu Sulastri – Admin media sosial Komunitas Wikimedia Denpasar sebagai koordinator Acara di Denpasar dan anggota dari Komunitas Wikisource Indonesia Akbar Soepadhi – Mantan Pemagang Wikidata di Wikimedia Indonesia sebagai Koordinator Acara di Bandung dan anggota dari Komunitas Wikisource Indonesia Empat Tilda - narahubung Komunitas Wikimedia Manokwari sebagai koordinator acara di Kota Manokwari dan anggota dari Komunitas Wikisource Indonesia Ulumarifah - narahubung Komunitas Wikidata Indonesia sebagai koordinator acara di Kota Surabaya dan anggota dari Komunitas Wikisource Indonesia

Creative Common Indonesia - pembicara dan pelatih untuk hukum hak cipta

6. Please state if your proposal aims to work to bridge any of the identified CONTENT knowledge gaps (Knowledge Inequity)? Select up to THREE that most apply to your work.

Age (regency), Geography, Language

6.1 In a few sentences, explain how your work is specifically addressing this content gap (or Knowledge inequity) to ensure a greater representation of knowledge.

Kami akan mengajak setiap partisipan tanpa mengenal umur karena luring dinilai akan lebih memberikan keahlian dalam hal teknis yang lumayan sulit ketika dilakukan daring. Dalam segi geografis, kegiatan ini tersebar di beberapa pulau sehingga akan menyerap kontributor yang tidak terjangkau ketika mengadakan kegiatan yang biasanya terfokus di daerah Pulau Jawa saja. Dalam segi bahasa, kegiatan akan diusahakan juga mengupload naskah dalam bahasa Jawa dan Sunda yang juga tersedia.

7. Please state if your proposal includes any of these areas or THEMATIC focus. Select up to THREE that most apply to your work and explain the rationale for identifying these themes.

Education, Culture, heritage or GLAM , Diversity

8. Will your work focus on involving participants from any underrepresented communities?

Geographic , Ethnic/racial/religious or cultural background, Linguistic / Language

9. Who are the target participants and from which community? How will you engage participants before and during the activities? How will you follow up with participants after the activities?

Target utama kami adalah peningkatan tiap anggota tiap komunitas yang bekerja sama dalam pelatihan ini yang diteruskan dengan para kontributor di lokasi daerah yang menjadi lokasi penyelenggaraan. Sebelum kegiatan kami akan mengumpulkan data nama pengguna untuk melacak kontribusi mereka selama acara agar dapat melihat apakah pelatihan berdampak terhadap kapasitas mereka dalam mengunggah naskah domain publik atau tidak. Setelah kegiatan, tiap-tiap kontributor yang tidak memiliki keanggotaan komuniyas akan dapat bergabung dengan komunitas-komunitas yang ada di kota tersebut sehingga dapat berjejaring dalam berkontribusi di proyek Wikimedia.

10. In what ways are you actively seeking to contribute towards creating a safer, supportive, more equitable environment for participants?

Kami akan meletakkan Pedoman Kebijakan ruang ramah WMF dan Kode Etik Universal dalam sebuah pranala untuk disetujui bersama akan dipahami dan dipatuhi dalam formulir pendaftaran acara. Nantinya, sebelum acara berlangsung, kami juga akan menampilkan sebuah kode batang untuk diakses semua peserta sebelum acara dimulai untuk kembali mengingatkan Kebijakan ruang ramah WMF dan Kode Etik Universal untuk dipatuhi bersama.

11. Please tell us about how you have let your Wikimedia communities know about the planned activities and this proposal. Use this space to describe the processes you carried out to make the community more involved in planning this proposal. Please link the on-wiki community discussion(s) around the proposals.

Proposal akan disebar di Warung Kopi Wikisource Indonesia, Grup telegram Wikimedia Indonesia, Grup telegram Komunitas Wikisource Indonesia dan Grup Whatssapp internal Anggota Wikimedia Indonesia, serta grup internal Whatsapp Komunitas Wikisource Indonesia.

12. Are you aware of other Rapid Fund proposals in your local group, community, or region that are being submitted and that align with your proposed project?


If yes:

12.1 Did you explore the possibility of doing a joint proposal with other leaders in your group?
12.2 How will this joint proposal allow you to have better results?
13. Will you be working with other external, non-Wikimedia partners to implement this proposal? Required.


13.1 Please describe these partnerships and what motivates the potential partner to be part of the proposal and how they add value to your work.

Bila nantinya proposal akan dilakukan bersama mitra, kami akan memberikan dukungan dalam bentuk logistik dan akomodasi yang menjadi bagian anggaran dana untuk mengundang mitra sebagai pembicara atau pelatih.

14. In what ways do you think your proposal most contributes to the Movement Strategy 2030 recommendations. Select a maximum of THREE options that most apply.

Improve User Experience, Invest in Skills and Leadership Development, Innovate in Free Knowledge

Learning, Sharing, and Evaluation[edit]

15. What do you hope to learn from your work in this fund proposal?

1. Berapa banyak orang yang tertarik berkontribusi di Wikisource Indonesia.

2. Berapa besar kapasitas pengetahuan hukum hak cipta?
3. Apakah sulit untuk mempelajari tata cara pengunggahan naskah di Wikisource?
16. Based on these learning questions, what is the information or data you need to collect to answer these questions? Please register this information (as metric description) in the following spaces provided.
Main Open Metrics Data
Main Open Metrics Description Target
Jumlah Naskah Yang Diunggah Jumlah naskah yang berhasil diunggah dan dibuat indeksnya di Wikisource Bahasa Indonesia 150
Jumlah editor baru Jumlah penyunting baru yang hadir dalam kegiatan. 60
People interested in contributing to Wikisource Indonesia a) How many people are interested in contributing to Wikisource Indonesia?

To calculate this, we will compare the participants in five phase.

The first phase will be collecting by looking on the number of like which comes from our social media.

Then, we will count the person who register.

After the registration, we count the number who actually come to the event and also count the number of person who has done the task by uploading 5 text into indonesian wikisource.

For the final phase, i will counting the person who keeps doing the uploading or just do proofreading in wikisource after one month of the event.

This is a new indicator. We do not have baseline figures for target yet. We will provide more updates and analysis in our final report.

To measure the capacity gap for copyright law We will do pretest before the event to gauge the knowledge of copyright law and doing the post test to know what they learn after the training.

This is a new indicator. We do not have baseline figures for target yet. We will provide more updates and analysis in our final report.

Measure difficulty to learn how to upload manuscripts on wikisource Counting the person who keeps doing the uploading or just do proofreading in wikisource after one month of the event.

This is a new indicator. We do not have baseline figures for target yet. We will provide more updates and analysis in our final report.

17. Core quantitative metrics.
Core Metrics Summary
Core metrics Description Target
Number of participants Partisipan baru: 30 Orang

Partisipan yang sudah pernah mengikuti kegiatan Proyek Wikimedia: 30 Panitia yang ikut kegiatan :15

Number of editors Partisipan baru yang menjadi penyuntin: 30 Orang

Partisipan yang sudah pernah mengikuti kegiatan Proyek Wikimedia: 30

Number of organizers Panitia yang menyiapkan acara dan mengatur kondusifitas acara 15
Number of new content contributions per Wikimedia project
Wikimedia Project Description Target
Wikisource Jumlah naskah yang berhasil dibuat Indeks 150
Wikimedia Commons Jumlah naskah yang berhasil diunggah 150
Wikidata 150 butir baru 150
Wikidata 6 pernyataan 900
17.1 If for some reason your proposal will not measure these core metrics please provide an explanation.

18. What tools would you use to measure each metric selected? Please refer to the guide for a list of tools. You can also write that you are not sure and need support.

Kami akan menggunakan tools outreach dashboard untuk menghitung dan mengawasikontribusi para peserta setelah acara setelah acara di tiap kota untuk mengetahui pemahaman tiap peserta.

Financial Proposal[edit]

19. & 19.1 What is the amount you are requesting from Wikimedia Foundation? Please provide this amount in your local currency.

73525000 IDR

19.2 What is this amount in US Currency (to the best of your knowledge)?

4947.95 USD

20. Please upload your budget for this proposal or indicate the link to it.

We/I have read the Application Privacy Statement, WMF Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct.


Endorsements and Feedback[edit]

Please add endorsements and feedback to the grant discussion page only. Endorsements added here will be removed automatically.

Community members are invited to share meaningful feedback on the proposal and include reasons why they endorse the proposal. Consider the following:

  • Stating why the proposal is important for the communities involved and why they think the strategies chosen will achieve the results that are expected.
  • Highlighting any aspects they think are particularly well developed: for instance, the strategies and activities proposed, the levels of community engagement, outreach to underrepresented groups, addressing knowledge gaps, partnerships, the overall budget and learning and evaluation section of the proposal, etc.
  • Highlighting if the proposal focuses on any interesting research, learning or innovation, etc. Also if it builds on learning from past proposals developed by the individual or organization, or other Wikimedia communities.
  • Analyzing if the proposal is going to contribute in any way to important developments around specific Wikimedia projects or Movement Strategy.
  • Analysing if the proposal is coherent in terms of the objectives, strategies, budget, and expected results (metrics).