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Hello, I am Ajraddatz, and I volunteer as a steward on Wikimedia. I am active on Wikidata and on the English Wikipedia, and can be found on the IRC in #wikimedia-stewardsconnect and #wikidataconnect.


I started contributing to wikis in general in 2008, on a few small Wikia projects that have since gone inactive. At one point, I was an active editor on 5 large projects over there, and became involved in cross-wiki work starting in 2010. In 2010, I also started to contribute on Wikimedia, mainly doing counter-vandalism on the English Wikipedia and then moving into cross-wiki work here in late 2010. As part of this, I help revert vandalism on small wikis as part of the small wiki monitoring team, as well as doing some routine maintenance and helping small communities to get information on best practices. I was elected as a steward in 2014, and within that role I am active in responding to permissions requests and dealing with cross-wiki spam and long-term abuse.

In 2012, I started contributing to Wikidata, and helped build up some of the early items as well as participated in discussions that created the early community policies there. These days, I am still somewhat active on Wikidata, doing some counter-vandalism and new-item patrolling. I am increasingly active on the English Wikipedia, writing articles in the very neglected area of Canadian provincial politics and participating in some community discussions.