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Hello, I am Ajraddatz, and I am a volunteer editor here on Wikimedia. I am active on Wikidata, the English Wikipedia, and on Meta-Wiki. I can be found on the IRC in #wikimedia-stewardsconnect and #wikidataconnect.


I started contributing to wikis in general in 2008, and to Wikimedia projects in 2010. Some of my current work is focused on counter-vandalism and routine maintenance on small wikis as part of the small wiki monitoring team. I was elected as a steward in 2014, and within that role I am active in responding to permissions requests and dealing with cross-wiki spam and long-term abuse.

In 2012, I started contributing to Wikidata, and helped build up some of the early items as well as participated in discussions that created the early community policies there. These days, I am still active on Wikidata with counter-vandalism and patrolling the new items. I am also somewhat active on the English Wikipedia, writing and copyediting articles related to Canadian politics.