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The goal is to be able to create a collection "best practices in mentoring programs" and therefore I collect a lot of data to prepare a basis for this. One part of these data are analyses of quite a lot stats and studies, which I will upload in the upcoming weeks when I finished the main work. Included are not only mentoring programs but also other approaches to teach newbies Wikipedia.

The other (main-)part of this data is the structure-and-success-analysis of existing mentoring programs and some language-versions without a mentoring program to find out which approaches work well and which don't and what we can even learn from wikimedia-projects without a special program (see detailed questioning).

I will need help in several steps of this project. If you are interested in any step and to work on it, just contact me (Talk page (de)Talk page (meta)MailIRC-Nick: buecherwuermlein).

Project plan[edit]

The project is subdivided in two phases: The evaluation phase and the structure phase. The evaluation phase began in July 2010 and will last until July 2012. The structure phase will begin in August 2012 and last until the end of the project.

  • (April – July 2010: Start with the structure-success-analyzis; present first results at Wikimania 2010.) – the idea of this project was not clear in this first state of the whole thing, this step was more the pre-work and I got the idea while doing this first analyses.
  • July 2010 – January 2011: Evaluation phase – Finding numbers, facts, stats and studies concerning newbie-work and analyzing / preparing studies concerning the influence of mentoring programs on wikimedia-project-communities; going on with structure-and-success-analysis.
  • January 2011: Project support by Wikimedia Deutschland.

Stuck for personal reasons

  • March 2012 – July 2012: Analyze all material and publish the results, prepare detailed talks to people from WP-language-versions and other wikimedia-projects with a mentoring program, conduct studies concerning the influence of m. p.s on communities (publishing results should start in late May)
  • July 2012: Structure phase – Wikimania: Begin of the structure phase with kick-off-workshop.
  • July 2012 – December 2012: Have interviews to people from different projects to gain more information about existing mentoring projects (~ some kind of last part of the evaluation phase). Publish all results and find structures for all material to present it in a senseful way with suitable media.
  • December 2012 ~ April 2013: Publish all relevant material with a senseful structure and good media and publish – this is important to make the results of the project usable.


  • to be published soon (cf. project plan)
  • In case you have useful links or other material for me, you can add this here

Structure/Success analysis[edit]

The following questions are the main criteria to analyze the success of a single mentoring program to find out the most important components in order to make mentoring programs more successful and to motivate other language versions to set up one and in relation to my questioning.

Please list created sub-pages here

Questions: Survey

You want to support this project?[edit]

I will need help in several steps of this project. Actually with the following parts:

Structure/Success analysis (evaluation phase)

You may answer the questions by creating a subpage (User:Bücherwürmlein/Mentoring-programs-evaluation/language-version) or by sending the answers via mail to buecherwuermlein(at)

If you have further information concerning your personal experiences with mentoring programs or special know-how from your language-version, do not hesitate to tell me on your or on this sub-page or via mail.

Collecting ideas for the best-practices-pages (structure phase)

I will structure the results of the survey concerning the patterns and the success of different mentoring programs. If you have ideas how to set up the manual or the best-practice-system or whatever on meta, tell me via mail or via my user-talkpage. If you have other questions you would like to see answered in the still undefined best-practice-system-thing, please tell me as well. I will need help in doing this phase of the project and I am very greatful for your support! :-)

Useful material
  • In case you have useful links or other material for me, you can add this here.

Thank you! --Tim Moritz (buecherwuermlein) 12:42, 25 April 2011 (UTC)