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This is to be posted to Babel or RFH when finished. phab:T174610 and phab:T135405 complection would facilitate it providing source for some data.

Or perhaps it will get moulded into an essay, who knows. Considering my laziness this will not move out of my userspace.

I am not happy with the current state of CentralNotice. And banners in general.


We lack. In 2017, as of August 31, only 17[1] volunteers have edited central notice banners. At least 3 of the people only fixed URLs (Kaganer), grammar (Billinghurst) and text (Anthere), technical issues (Krinkle), or responded to a styles change request (Vogone). 12. Then, we have people only focused on some specific banners be it only their chapter, project or role they are affiliated with (Romaine - WLX, Steinsplitter - POTY, Ilario - WMCH, Benoit Rochon - WikiFranca/WMCA, Ruslik0 - elections, Itzike - WNIL, Samat - WMHU, Shanmugamp7 - stew elections). 4. DerHexer, Base, Matiia, MarcoAurelio. The only volunteers who have created banners this year not (only) for their affiliation(s).

Technical aspects[edit]