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I was planning to create this page for a while. I haven't decided on what it must finally contain and it will be edited over the time. Perhaps this page shall go out of here to my blog. Perhaps not.

Valar morghulis. All men must die. Wikimedians are not an exception. I am not one. I may be run over by a bus tomorrow. I may live long 80 years from now on and spend last years envying the British of my age for getting the royal greeting. I do not know.

As ones of us, of the wikiworld, die, we observe some rites. Some are an extrapolation of our religion and believes to the digital space. Some are unique to the space. Nevertheless. I do not like all of them, and I will try to employ one of them. The right to have a say, to have the last word on this matter.

Explicity makes life verbose, but it makes decisions simpler in the end.

What I would not like to see if I could:

  • Please do not make a candelabra out of my user and user talk pages. Candles are nice, but please no.
  • Do not write all the nice worlds there. Especially do not write a hypocrisy just for the look. There are about as many Wikimedians who hate me as those who like me. Perhaps the former prevail. If you have what to say to me, do it now, while I am sure to be able to read it.
  • Do not leave my user rights on. Those are technical flags entailing responsibilities, not damn medals.
  • Do not write a blog post about my death. Those who want to remember me, will. I do not want any brand new posthumous fans.
  • If you write about me somewhere or talk about me, for whatever reason, do not observe that stupid only good things or nothing rule. If you think I am a bastard my death must not shut you up.

What would be nice to do:

  • Please indicate that I am no longer able to respond to the messages with a template, an editnotice perfectly.
  • You may change my user page slightly to tweak the grammar to the past tense and such.
  • There are Wikimedians whom I trust a lot. They may do more drastic changes, like redesign the pages, they would infer what I would think well. 1873402, 609, 1894330, 10058335, 16099909, 13694559, 7270407. The order is descending.