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Bot873 this user is a Bot
Bot873 (Talk · Contribs)
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(I never sleep)
Edit rate:Manually directed edits
Edit period/s:As directed
Programming language/s:Python
Built on Sopel IRC bot
Source code published?GitHub
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes
Other information:Changelog

Bot873 was designed by Operator873 to facilitate and expedite Global Sysop activities on GS wikis.

IRC Commands[edit]

Currently, all functions of the bot are limited to IRC on channel ##Operator873. The only authorized users are Global Sysops and Stewards. There is no limit to the number of wikis Bot873 can check and report to you. However, users should remove the section of the on-meta page with their account name when they are finished working with the information. In the future, Bot873 will parse and remove pages no longer listed for Speedy Deletion.

Obtain list of Speedy Deleltion requests[edit]

.gsupdate wiki1 wiki2 wiki3


Bot873, gsupdate wiki1 wiki2 wiki3

Replace wiki1 etc with the WMF abbreviation of the project. Example: arcwiki or enwikibooks
Also available, an IRC only response. The bot will provide links to the pages tagged for Speedy Deletion within the #wikimedia-gs channel.

.gsirc project

This command is limited to one project to manage channel flooding. The name command is also available (ie - Bot873, gsirc project).

Add new GS wiki[edit]

The database containing projects is far from complete and I need your help adding to it. If Bot873 reports it does not know a project, a user may:

.gsadd abrev Category:For speedy deletion requests


Bot873, gsadd test Category:Candidates for speedy deletion

Ensure you provide the correct abreviation for the project and the api url is correct. Additionally, the category must include the category namespace (for English languages, Category:).