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Here comes a list of languages that should, in my opinion, get a Wikipedia of their own as soon as possible. It does not pretend to be complete, neither does it mean that any language intentionally not included should not get a Wikipedia. I can in no way request all of these and take care of them; the only thing I can do is hope that sometime people, preferably native speakers, will bother to set them up. Some Wikipedias have already been requested at the Requests for new languages page. Note that it would be foolish to request these Wikipedias right now just because you think they should exist: this led to some trouble in the past.

You can edit this page. If you think I forgot some language in need of its own Wikipedia, then add it to the list. However, I will not accept you removing any language just because you think it's no use to create a Wikipedia for it. Neither can I guarantee I will keep a language you add to the page. Oh yeah, and any sins against English grammar, vocabulary, spelling and idiom may be expelled at once.

Well, here it comes, then:

  • Austro-Bavarian. A German dialect/ High German language. Should get a Wikipedia because its sisters Alemannic, Moselfranconian/Luxemburgish, and Limburgish, along with Low German, each already have one (als:, lb:, li: and nds:, respectively). Moreover, it's the native language of at least 17 million people. Presently requested. — CREATED
  • Several Berber languages, particularly Kabyle, Tachelhit and Tuareg. The former two have a few million native speakers, who are dominated by Arabic, a language hardly even related to the Berber tongues. Kabyle was requested some time ago, but unfortunately the request stranded, having no native speaker support. -- Kabyle was created.
  • At least one Mayan language, preferably Yucatec Maya. Once again, this was requested some time ago but did not gain any support by fluent, let alone native, speakers. Its sister, Nahuatl (note: this metaphor has a sociological rather than a linguistic meaning!), currently has the only Native American Language Wikipedia with more than 100 articles.
  • Romani, the language of many gypsies. While they have been a disgraced people over the centuries, their language is still poorly cultivated, even though many of them keep hold of it wherever they roam. A Romani Wikipedia could help them emancipate. Or perhaps several Romani Wikipedias, for it is divided into at least five languages, being mutually unintelligible. -- Created (for Vlax Romani and maybe all Romani)
  • Upper and Lower Sorbian. Neither of them has a lot of speakers, but as virtually all minority languages in Europe got Wikipedias, most of them quite succesful, they should imo get their own Wikipedias. Currently this is being worked on, at least the Upper Sorbian one. — UPPER SORBIAN AND LOWER SORBIAN CREATED!
  • Tetum, the national language of East Timor, spoken as a first or second language by most of the population of East Timor, and in parts of West Timor, by close to a million people in total. There are only a handful of national languages without a wikipedia, and Tetum has more speakers, and is used more in print and online, than most of the other languages. -- CREATED!

Besides, there are - unfortunately - loads of other Wikipedias that already exist and were created just because someone said they had to be, and are still idle or have only very little articles. Presently, there are 95 Wikipedias with less than 100 articles, some of them for languages that have quite a lot of native speakers. Check it out at the List of Wikipedias. Personally I can do nothing for them but pray, but maybe you speak one of them, or have the right contacts to crimp some competent contributors. Go ahead!