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Welcome to my Meta user page! I am Tobias (username Church of emacs), a German Wikimedian from Munich. If you want to leave me a message, you can do so at my talk page. If you would like to learn more about me, read below.

Note: As of 2023, I am no longer active.

My work[edit]

I started as a Wikipedian, being mostly active on the German Wikipedia (where I'm a sysop and was oversighter), but now I am a cross-wiki contributor. Beside Wikipedia, I'm an OTRS volunteer and a MediaWiki developer, as well as a sysop on meta and two smaller projects: and Wikimania wikis. Currently, I'm involved in facilitating communication between WMF and German Wikipedia's community.

What I do here
  • Stewards/elections 2010 – I helped create and monitor the template system for the vote, and verify eligibility of candidates
  • Translations. I translate English->German and sometimes German->English
  • Participation in all kinds of projects/discussions/polls/etc.
  • Countervandalism, admin stuff
What I do on Wikimedia projects
  • (organizing) I organize events, such as the Bavarian Parliament project, done in spring 2012, or the panel on the Image filter (which I also moderated) with Ting Chen, Pavel Richter and User:Carbidfischer in 2011.
  • (organizing) I'm active in the fundraiser both by writing appeals on my own and encouraging others to participate.
  • (maintenance) Administrative work on Wikipedia,, Meta and various other wikis.
  • (content) Writing and improving articles for Wikipedia and other projects.
  • (content) Helping with requests on Foundation wiki feedback and work on foundation wiki.
  • (technical) Supporting new Wikimedians and answering their questions (especially about technical issues)
  • (technical) Filing bug reports and feature requests, and then fixing them myself :) (I have a SVN commit access)
  • (technical) Creating complex templates using ParserFunctions and magic words

How to get in touch with me:

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