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Welcome to my global user page!

My shadow, as of December 2023.
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Hello, everyone. I am Codename Noreste and I fight vandalism, spam, and sometimes long-term abusers on all projects. I am a member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team, and my home wiki is on the English Wikipedia where I am a pending changes reviewer and a rollbacker.

Outside of Wikimedia, I am usually a night owl, and thus I'm sometimes active on IRC under codenamenoreste and mostly active under codenamennoreste on the Wikimedia Discord server.

Who are you?[edit]

In real life, I am a dude who attends college in the Lone Star State.

On Meta, you'll usually encounter me reverting normal and translation vandalism and other off-topic content on talk pages, requesting speedy deletion on normal and translation pages, and a lot of other if not boring maintenance tasks on Meta.

I previously edited under the username 64andtim on this account, and you may call me Codename, Noreste, Codename Noreste, or CN. Any accounts whose names start with Codename aren't likely going to be operated by me.

What do you do?[edit]

Local/cross-wiki counter-vandalism, spam, and LTAs[edit]

In addition to the English Wikipedia, I hold the rollback privilege on the Simple English and Spanish Wikipedias, and I'm a patroller on Meta. I use SWViewer to fight local and cross-wiki vandalism and spam, as well as the Meta abuse filter log.

As for local and cross-wiki long-term abusers, I deny recognition to them and when I revert them, I ignore them, following the no rollback rule of thumb. For cross-wiki abuse or sockpuppet cases made by such LTAs, I report them to SRG.

Speedy deletions[edit]

I request speedy deletion on pages that are promotional, spammy, or otherwise just blatant vandalism or test pages on various wikis.

Abuse filters[edit]

I help out with false positives on abuse filters on the English Wikipedia, the Spanish Wikipedia, and the Simple English Wikipedia. While I'm not an abuse filter helper nor an English Wikipedia edit filter helper since they are very high trust permissions, I have a basic knowledge of regular expressions and knowledge of the abuse filter syntax language; I use them to create basic abuse filters (mostly private filters) with the help of FilterDebugger.


I translate pages from English to Spanish, and sometimes the other way around (Spanish to English) whenever possible. For the same reason, I have an account on translatewiki.net.

Questions and answers[edit]

Do you have any alternative accounts?[edit]

I only operate an alternative account, Códigonombre Alguien (talk · contribs), which is used on public computers, unsecure networks, and/or when my main account could be potentially compromised. For security purposes, I have enabled two-factor authentication on my main account.

How can I leave you a message?[edit]

If you want to leave me a message, you may feel free to do so on my talk page on Meta, or email me if there are private or sensitive concerns; if you leave me a message in Spanish, I will reply in that language here or on the Spanish Wikipedia. As with other human editors, I occasionally make mistakes.

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