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Dan Albert John Koehl
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16:53 • July 21, 2024
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Swedish Wikipedia

Swedish Wikipedias increase after I left Susning.nu 21 november 2002 until 1st of February 2003, when I migrated some 1300 articles where I was major editor, from Susning to Swedish Wikipedia
In 2002, I discovered Wikipedia and has been active since then, but mostly on the Swedish Wikipedia. During summer 2002, I started to contribute to Nupedia and a Swedish UseModWiki wiki, called Susning.nu and owned by Lars Aronsson, since the Swedish Wikipedia was more or less inactive. I made my first edit on the english Wikipedia 30 September 2002 on my user page en:User:Koehl, and made my first article edit 11 October 2002 as en:User:Koehl on the article Proboscidea. Compared with Susning.nu, the Swedish Wikipedia was more or less dead, throughout September until 20 November 2002 I was more or less the only one editing, see this version of latest pages, archived by http://web.archive.org.

After a commercial banner was exposed on Susning.nu, where I was one of the major contributors, the 20th November 2002, I moved over to Swedish Wikipedia, where I became one of its "Founding fathers" and during the first month migrated hundreds of articles I had created on Susning to Wikipedia. Since then I have I have created over 2 000 articles with accounts sv:Användare:Koehl, sv:Användare:Dan Köhl and sv:Användare:Dan Koehl.

Together with Max Walter on Swedish Wikipedia I translated the Swedish UseModWiki script to MediaWiki, and the 1st of December 2002, the http://sv.wikipedia.org was created, see discussions in late November with Brion Vibber . I became Swedish Wikipedia first sysop in December 2002.

13th of December 2002, after I banned a user because of his edit warrring (13 years later he still is), and I was desysoped, due to his lies about me. This did hurt me a lot, and it took time to regain inspiration. I was however reelected as sysop by the community in Swedish Wikipedia February 2003, and has been serving there as sysop until 2009 (verify), and on the Swedish Wikipedia I created and founded Project Biology, Project Dog breeds, Project Animals, Project Horse breeds, Project Heraldic, Project Medevial, Portal Medevial and Portal aquarium fishes, Projekt and Portal Zoos, and Project ships.

Already in 2005, when I was still an admin myself, i saw tendencies on the Swedish Wikipedia of admins starting to use their power in a way that was not the intention, which I wrote about on my user page.

8th of February 2015, I was blocked on the Swedish Wikipedia, officially for trolling, after I had criticised the more active 10-15 admins for acting like an unofficial group, creating false consensus by supporting each other, not respecting NPOV, but acting APOV, not always communicating openly but often secretly with alternative methods than Wikipedia pages, and using blocking and threats of blocking not only as as a tool to protect the project and its users, but also to establish an elite group of power, by means of scaring users to have "right" opinions, and exluding people with "wrong" opinions by blocking. Blocking of registered users has increased lately on SvWp, and the working environment those most admins create for the users, is reducing the freedom of the Wikipedia. Those admins will support each other and be reelected again and again, since they have managed to form such a large number that only a an organised action from Stewards and Meta, or a campaign by the normal users, could liberate the Swedish Wikipedia, something unlikely to happen, since in most cases of conflicts Meta Stewards mostly send such issues back to the local community, where its mostly one individual user against a group of admins, why users migrate to EnWp or simply quit in frustration.

19th of january, 2017, one year later, I was blocked again, against the rules, with the official reason that I made edits against massive objections (the truth it was 2 persons) and minutes later with a second motivation:

To be honest, I acted primarly because Magnus supported Tostarpadius request on block (Sw: utan agerade i ärlighetens namn främst utifrån att MagnusA gav bifall åt Tostarpadius begäran på blockering) (diff)

I decided to let people outside SwWp get insight what was going on, at Requests_for_comment/Swedish_Wikipedia_blocking_policy_violation_and_Administrator_abuse. Later, after I repeatedly claimed the block was violting the rules, a new motivation for the block turned up as: Skottniss was totally appropriate, in line with Wikipedia:Ignore all rules. Diffs, verifications and any type of evidence for the accusations against me, was never provided.



I made first edit here on Meta-Wiki the 28th of November 2002, when I translated the main page into swedish and created the Swedish mainpage Huvudsida, which became the first page on meta translated into Swedish.

29th of November 2002 I described here on meta an example of how to systemize animals and organisms on the wikipedia which I had implemented on the Swedish Wikipedia. This system is more or less used in the same way today, as commons:Template:Taxonavigation on Commons

Linné´s System of Organisms: / Domain / Kingdom / Phylum / Class / Family / Genus / Species / Subspecies / Race

9th of December 2002, with one of the first examples of a Ahnentafel (Suggestion for graphica genealogical l pedigree) I started WikiProject for Genealogy, a place for standardizing genealogical tables within Wikipedia and for enhancing genealogical knowledge within articles.

The 11th of December 2002 I created the page WIKIng which was the first collaboration project within the Scandinavian users on Wikipedia, partly resulting in, among other things, BjarteSorensens creation of Skanwiki.

Since then I have translated a lot of documents from English to Swedish here on Meta.

10th of January 2015 I was granted autopatrolled rights here on Meta-Wiki.

English Wikipedia


I made my first edit on the english Wikipedia 21st November 2002 as en:User:Dan Koehl.

During 2014 I increased my activities on en.wikipedia.org, where I think justice is better than on some small wikis, because of the higher volume of contributors and admins. Its much more difficault, or hopefully impossible, for a small group of admins to take over on EnWp. In 2014 I became pending changes reviewer, rollbacker and in March 2015 I was granted autopatrolled rights, in 2016 File mover rights, and in 2017 page mover rights.. I am a new page patroller, member of Counter-Vandalism Unit and fight vandalism actively, almost daily.

Danish Wikipedia


I made my first edit on the danish Wikipedia 20th November 2002 as da:Bruger:Dan Køhl.

During 2015 I increased my activities on da.wikipedia.org and 27th of March 2015 I was granted autopatrolled rights and i 6th of December I was granted patrol rights.



Im also active since 2004 at Wikispecies, where I am sysop since 2005, and bureaucrat since 2014. I have also suggested, nominated, and given user rights to 2 Burocrats, 10 admiins, 15 Patrollers and +100 Autopatrollers.



Even if one of my pictures was uploaded already 2002, I became user first 2005, and started to contribute and upload pictures in 2014. I became patroller and rollbacker at commons in 2015.



In June 2014 I started to contribute to Wikivoyage, mostly to the Swedish Wikivoyage. In March 2015 I was granted temporary adminship since I was the only active user, why no community existed, who could vote for my nomination. 2015-08-16 I became permanent admin on sv.voy.