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ActiveUsers [1] is a tool written by Duesentrieb for finding users that were active in the last minutes/hours, filtered by groups, tags or categories. See User:Duesentrieb/Tools for other tools I wrote.

Please use the talk page for questions and comments. If I do not respond, please leave a quick note on my talk page at the german wikipedia.

The ActiveUsers tool can for example be used to find an active wiki admin speaking a given language (indicated by babel boxes). In fact, for doing this on, there is a special mode with a simplified input form and terse output.

Note: this tool uses the Atom feed provided by the RecentChanges page, and caches it for 5 minutes. If the feed is found in cache, the tool should respond within a couple of seconds. If a fresh feed needs to be loaded, this may take longer (up to a minute or so).

Also, note that the tool always looks at the last 2000 edits, regardless of the time span (this is a limitation of the atom feed). In busy times on a large wiki, it may cover less than an hour. On a small wiki, it may cover several days.