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This page is an overview of tools I wrote for use with Wikimedia projects. Most of them run on the Toolserver on a live copy of the project databases.

Please use the talk page for questions and comments about my tools. If I do not respond, please leave a quick note on my talk page at the german wikipedia. See related changes for the latest talk and other activity.

  • ToolTOC - online overview of available tools.
  • download page - may not be up to date. Beware that the downloads are just for kicks - nothing there is ready for production, most is tailored specifically for the toolserver.
  • source browser - read the source, Luke
  • usage statistics - some usage statistics, collected with rrdtool

Tools for Categories[edit]

Tools for Users[edit]

  • User:Duesentrieb/ActiveUsers [4]: finding users that were active in the last minutes/hours, filtered by groups, tags or categories.
  • User:Duesentrieb/Gallery [5]: Image gallery, optionally filtered or grouped by user. Shows usage and tagging status. Also supplies an RSS feed of recent uploads.

Tools for Images[edit]

Tools for Articles[edit]

  • User:Duesentrieb/Contributors [15]: shows the version history of a page, with options for sorting, filtering, grouping, and different output formats. May be used to copy a version history on a wiki page.


  • User:Duesentrieb/WikiProxy [16]: caching proxy for article text (all revisions). This is intended for use by other tools. It will become obsolete when there is full text replication on the toolserver.
  • User:Duesentrieb/CommonsTicker : collects critical events regarding images on Commons and posts them to the wikis using the respective image

WikiSense - ToDo[edit]

  • Done WikiText-Cache for external text - done
  • custom namespaces update WikiList, use Special: - done
  • make sure simple.wikipedia - done (i think)
  • Done CommonsTicker
  • add logging (fixed in dev version)

Graphs - ToDo[edit]

  • toolserver vital data (cpu, memory, i/o, etc)
  • LogStats per admin: deletions per admin (also % of actions/edits) - privacy?
  • LogStats over time: deletions,blocks,uploads,etc per day
    • uploads vs deletions
    • link to network
    • new users vs. indefinite blocks
    • total users vs. blocked users - derhaps DERIV
    • total images vs. tagged as bad + DERIV?

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