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I am Ever wonder, an exile Swede in Flanders (Ghent, specifically), who is a Wikipedia researcher (linguistics), and who is somewhat active on Swedish Wiktionary not primarily in a researcher capacity. I have accounts and user pages with at least something on them on English Wikipedia, Swedish Wikipedia, and of course Swedish Wiktionary. In fact, the user page on Swedish Wikipedia has some things on it that may be of interest to someone interested in Wiki-theory who also reads Swedish (a work-in-progress bibliography of texts on Wikipedia and wikis). My edits on Wikipedia are otherwise relatively few, which may change (and note relatively - does not mean under 20!). I can make claim to having created at least one article, on a quite obscure subject, that was still there last I looked: sv:Necronomicon i Sverige.

My real name is Martin Hellberg Olsson.

I am a Wikimedian who blogs, which happened to become the reason for my first edit on this wiki.

My wiki research notebook wiki (in Swedish), very newly created as of writing, can currently be viewed by anyone but only edited by me.