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Hi, I'm Sarah Schwettmann – computational neuroscientist and artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm finishing up my Ph.D. at MIT.

at Wikiconference NA 2019

I teach Vision in Art and Neurosciencein the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department of MIT. We put together an exhibition of work each year, a sample catalog can be found here.

I started editing English Wikipedia, Wikidata, and uploading a few images to Commons in 2019. I'm working on a machine learning GLAM project with the Sum of All Paintings and other museum images + metadata on a local wikibase (get in touch if you'd like to help!). I also helped organize WikiConference North America 2019.

You can find a constellation of my projects under the Generist umbrella. Other projects from the past couple of years include Gen Studio and MIT Values.

Sometimes I collaborate with the Knowledge Futures Group c/o SJ :)