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For a higher level overview of GrantsBot as a tool used by WIkimedia Grantmaking, see Learning & Evaluation/GrantsBot Animation2.gif

Most of GrantsBot's tasks involve updating information on a small set of pages within Grants portals (IdeaLab, Evaluation portal, and Learning Patterns). Usually the bot performs this action by overwriting the existing contents of the page. In a few cases, the bot only updates a section of the page. This workflow has a few noteworthy consequences:

  • Because these pages are frequently updated with entirely new content, it is not practical to translate them into multiple languages.
  • Manual changes to pages (or page sections) that GrantsBot regularly updates will be overwritten the next time the bot runs. If you add categories, translation markup, or make copyedits, those edits probably won't be there next time you look. Pages that GrantsBot overwrites in this way are not meant to be viewed or edited directly: they are transcluded into other pages in an attempt to avoid the scenario of the bot overwriting someone's work.
  • To make manual changes to regularly-updated pages persistent, please contact User:Jmorgan (WMF) so he can add the content you would like to keep on the pages into the Python dictionary that GrantsBot uses to store templated page text.

Current GrantsBot tasks[edit]


tasks performed daily The purpose of these tasks is to surface recent and relevant activity within the IdeaLab, making it easier for visitors to maintain awareness of what's going on in the portal, and suggesting to them different ways they can participate.

  • update Gallery pages with profiles of recently created (or recently updated) ideas, as well as profiles of recently-joined or highly active participants
  • update Guide pages with a browsable list of idea profiles, sorted by date of last edit
  • reorder participant profiles on the Introductions page, so that the profiles of recently-active participants are at the top
  • update Activity feed with short notifications about recently created and updated ideas, and recently joined participants
Pages edited
Templates use

Occasional or former tasks[edit]

performed as-needed

  • Bulk page migration: moving pages en masse between namespaces.
  • Update Grants:Evaluation pages (similar to what it currently does on the IdeaLab)