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  1. Urdu Wikipedia uses English numbers (123) instead of Arabic style numbers (١٢٣) by default.
  2. English numbers are written left to right (LTR).
  3. Urdu text is ordinarily written Right to Left (RTL).
  4. As result, in Urdu, the comma is written as roughly closing inverted quote-mark(،), while full-stop is roughly written as an underscore sign (۔).

Areas where the comma and full-stop don't create any problem[edit]

  1. When these come after the numbers:

Example for both comma and full-stop:

(الف) طلبا کی تعداد تھی 60، جبکہ کل اساتذہ تھے 3۔

(A) The strength of the students was 60, while that of teachers was 3.

In the above sentence, the comma and full-stop do not create any problem.

Areas where the comma and full-stop create problems in numbers[edit]

(ب) 60،000 لوگ حکومت کے اس اقدام کے خلاف سڑکوں پر اتر آئے۔

(B) 60,000 people took to the streets against this move by the government.

Here auto correction is needed. Ideally the number should be displayed as 60,000 in the Urdu text display and not 60،000 since the number notation follows English norm.

Once implemented, the sentence should look like this in Urdu:

(ج) اس منصوبے پر 2۔5 کروڑ روپیے خرچ ہوئے۔

(C) 2.5 Crore Rupees were spent on the project.

The English decimal point is basically the full-stop between the two numbers. Hence wnenever the full-stop/decimal point comes between two numbers, it should be displayed as 2.5 and NOT THE WAY THE NOTATION IS DISPLAYED IN URDU TEXT ABOVE.

Once implemented, the sentence should look like this in Urdu:

اس منصوبے پر 2.5 کروڑ روپیے خرچ ہوئے۔

Summing up[edit]

Since Urdu Wikipedia currently uses English style numbers, the comma sign and decimal points should be displayed as it is in English when these come between two numerical digits. For this, autocorrection is needed.