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User:Hindustanilanguage/Questions for Punjabi Wikipedians

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1. How did you reach Punjabi Wikipedia?
2. Why did you decide you must contribute to Punjabi wikipedia?
3. What is the primary difference you find in the editing cultures on Punjabi and any other Wikipedia that you are aware of?
4. How do you find fellow editors? Are there conflicts?
5. Indian Wikipedians joined hands for various editathons such as http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Lilavati's_Daughters_Edit-a-thon. Has there been such other special editathons on Punjabi Wikipedia?
6. Where are most of the Punjabi Wikipedians located (geographically, if you’ve done some analysis)?
7. Have you attended or organized Punjabi Wikipedia community meet-ups?
8. Are there any institutions that are either promoting or likely to promote Punjabi Wikipedia? Is there possibility of exchanges or collaboration with Punjabipedia?
9. What has been your experience in adding content or encouraging content on specific topics with fellow editors?
10. How are the technical challenges/issues been for your language? Now, is it easy for a new user to start contributing in the wiki easily?
11. How about interface translation and other things?
12. Are there any Pakistani Contributors on pa.wikipedia.org?
13. In addition to Punjabi Wikipedia, do you plan to contribute to any other language Wikipedia?
14. Are you aware of any software/ online website to convert Gurmukhi to Shahmukhi and vice-versa?
15. What are the prevalence/ knowledge levels of Shahmukhi script in India?
16. Do you foresee or would like to be part of any collaboration / friendly association with Shahmukhi (pnb.wikipedia.org) Wikipedians?
17. What is your view about the stub class articles on Punjabi Wikipedia/? Also, does Punjabi Wikipedia in general adhere to the Neutral Point of View (NPOV) rule?
18. Some of the other Wikipedia projects such as Punjabi Wiktionary and Wikibooks do not have enough contributors. Is there any effort to rejuvenate these projects? Also, what is your view about starting Punjabi Wikiquote and Punjabi Wikisource?
19. Could you share any and all ideas - small or big, successful & not-so-successful - that you think can help drive Punjabi and other language projects?
20. Could you give us a personal introduction of yourself?