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WM ZA/WMZA Funding Jun 2015 to Dec 2015
This application aims to support the continuous employment of a full time Administrator for the remainder of 2015, as well as project related expenses and administrative costs to be incurred by the Chapter for this period.
targetTo support Wikimedia ZA as a Chapter and all language communities in SA
strategic priorityIncreasing Reach, Increasing Participation, Improving Quality
start date1 July
start year2015
end date31 December
end year2015
budget (local currency)ZAR 599,754.00
budget (USD)USD 48,989.49
grant typeOrganisation
non-profit statusYES
contact(s)• douglas.i.scott(_AT_)
organization• Wikimedia South Africa


This grant application is an extension of the Administrator Bridging Funding Grant made by the Wikimedia Foundation from 1 December 2014 - 30 June 2015.

The purpose of this application is to:

  1. Fund 3 currently planned for and committed activities. Namely Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 in South Africa, Joburgpedia, and the Afrikaans Writing Competition.
  2. Extend the contract period of the full time Administrator until the end of 2015. This appointment has assisted in the professionalisation of the Chapter as well as the expansion of logistical capacity thereby allowing the chapter to hold multiple events of significant size repetitively and back to back such as the afore mentioned three activities. The Administrator has shown herself to be a versatile, organised, adaptable and hard working addition to Wikimedia ZA, and has been a great asset to the chapter. In her time with the organisation, Wikimedia ZA has been able to address general housekeeping requirements and reach out to the greater Wiki-community in South Africa.

The Chapter aims to support a vibrant multilingual and multicultural content community that generates and disseminates content that is used and understood by the local and global community.

In doing so, it facilitates contributions to the commons of African knowledge, and promotes free access to knowledge in all South African languages in order to support development.

It encourages the collection and dissemination of information about, but not exclusive to South Africa, and contributes to the creation of free and open knowledge in South Africa.


The purpose of this grant application is to continue current planned activities and commitments for the remainder of 2015 (the period from the beginning of July 2015 to end of December 2015). This both includes and currently requires the continued employment of the Administrator for the afore mentioned period. Our initial intention was to fund this position through an APG Grant but our application has since been withdrawn.

During this period the Chapter will focus on the following key goals:

  1. To develop and grow the number of South African Wikimedia editors.
  2. To support existing the South African Wikimedia communities and grow the volunteer base and membership of the Wikimedia ZA. This includes expanding and further developing the quantity and quality of South African related content on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

These two goals are interlinked in that in order of us to grow the number of WMZA members we need a larger pool of existing editors on Wikimedia projects in South Africa to draw from. I have been informed that as of 2013/14 the number of Wikipedia editors in South Africa was roughly 110 active editors. A pool of editors of that size is insufficient to effectually grow the number of volunteers/WMZA membership. According to

To achieve these goals in the July-December period of 2015 the chapter, with the assistance of the Administrator, will continue with three pre-existing and pre-planned events.

These events and how they achieve these goals are:

  • Wiki Loves Monuments
    • Increases awareness of Wikimedia South Africa and the Wikimedia Foundation amongst the general public but photographers and people interested in South African heritage in particular.
    • Increases awareness of Creative Commons and promotes the concept of donating photographic content for use on Wikipedia.
    • Directly increases the number of contributors to Wikimedia Commons as a function of participating in the event. Also indirectly increases the quality of heritage related South African articles on Wikipedia by increasing the quantity and quality of images for use on their respective pages.
    • Expands the demographic of contributors to Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia to include persons interested in heritage and photography in South Africa. Demographics that have not historically been aware of or contributed to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Jobergpedia
    • Increases awareness of Wikimedia South Africa and the Wikimedia Foundation amongst the general public and people interested in South African (particularly Johannesburg) heritage in particular.
    • Expands the demographic of contributors to Wikipedia to include persons interested in local heritage in Johannesburg.
    • Increases the number and quality of Wikipedia articles about the City of Johannesburg.
  • Afrikaans Writing competition
    • Increases awareness of Wikimedia South Africa and the Wikimedia Foundation amongst the general public and Afrikaans speakers in particular.
    • Directly increase the number of new editors to Afrikaans language Wikipedia by incentivising Afrikaans speakers to learn about and engage in the writing of Wikipedia articles.
    • Increases the number and quality of Afrikaans language Wikipedia articles.

Plan & Activities[edit]

The following activities are envisioned for the Administrator for the latter part of 2015.


  • General Auditor Liaison
  • VAT and NPO registration
  • Monthly internal bookkeeping
  • Project reconciliation
  • Banking
  • Processing of Expense Claims
  • Petty Cash


  • Funder Liaison
  • Compilation of grant reports
  • Compilcation of grant applications
  • Website and Social Media administration
  • Mailing list administration
  • Weekly newsletter
  • General Office Administration
  • Filing system administration
  • General correspondence from Chapter
  • Management of press database
  • Human Resource Management when required
  • General Housekeeping
  • Survey, Metrics & Evaluation Management
  • Request for Geobanner notifications
  • Liaison with Wikimedia Foundation
  • Membership outreach and management

Small Language Activities[edit]

  • Daily communication with Afrikaans community on talk page
  • Afrikaans Writing Competition
  • Afrikaans Wikipedia community on Facebook
  • Africa community facilitator
  • Chapter outreach

Project Management[edit]

  • Project facilitation
  • Liaison with stakeholders
  • Event planning and implementation
  • Competition facilitation
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Africa outreach coordinator

The Chapter aims to engage in three projects for this period :

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments South Africa Logo.svg

The aim of this project is to encourage and facilitate the capturing and upload of photographs of South African heritage sites or monuments under free licensing during heritage month (September). This includes encouraging those who upload media, to write about their monument of choice on Wikipedia, in their local language of choice. Through this competition we aim to not only increase the quality of photographs on Commons, but also the number of active participants.

Twenty years into democracy, South Africa has a lot to offer in terms of documents, media and information with historical importance. Not only since the inception of democracy, but also prior to the post-apartheid era. Various sites of historical importance are targeted in the above projects. The aim is to engage community members from all walks of life - whether it be students, learners, heritage enthusiasts, heritage foundations or subject experts - to capture as much information as possible to preserve our rich history for generations to come. We aim to inspire participants to contribute to Wikipedia in terms of improving articles, creating articles or uploading new content and media which can be used on Wikipedia or other related Wiki projects.

This is the 4th year that WM ZA will run the competition locally.

WLM-2015: Global Metrics[edit]

The following are global metric goals for this project

Wiki Loves Monuments Metrics Planning table (Global metrics 2014–15)
Metric description Goal Notes Metric description Goal Notes
1. Number of active editors involved 20 [1] 4. Number of new images/media 4000 [2]
2. Number of newly registered users 50 [3] 5. Number of articles added 10 [4]
3. Number of individuals involved 90 [5] 6. Number of bytes added 15,000,000,000 [6]
  1. Note 1.
  2. Note 4.
  3. Note 2.
  4. Note 5.
  5. Note 3.
  6. Note 6.
Content Generation[edit]

We envisage the following content generation for this project:

Activity Outcome
Wiki Takes (Town) x 3 events 100 images added
How-To Workshops 15 images added
Competition Entries 4 000 images added to Commons
Competition Entries 16 000Mb of data added

Although we have seen a decline in the number of submissions for 2014, statistics show that there have been an increased number of participants and number of submissions per individual. The 2014 competition focused on increased quality instead of number of submissions and we were happy with the results. For the 2015 leg of the competition, we want to encourage a greater number of uploads with more participants.

Our strategy for increasing the quality as well as the number of first time entrants is to both build off momentum from the Wiki From Above aerial photographic competition by including participants from that event as well as to utalise our partnership with Heritage Western Cape to organize events with local heritage communities to organise local participation in the competition. We will also be doing a couple of monument photographic workshops organised with our other event partner ORMS photographic warehouse. With these three actions: Wiki From Above momentum, Heritage Western Cape organised Wiki Takes (local town) events, and ORMS photographic monument workshops; we plan to increase participating whilst further increasing the quality and usability of submitted photographs for monuments in South Africa.

A prize for best use on Wikipedia will also be added as a way to incentivise participants to add their own photographs to Wikipedia by either contributing to existing pages or creating new articles. Thereby both increasing the quality of Wikipedia articles whilst also increasing the number of new contributors to Wikipedia.

Wiki Loves Monuments SA Statistics 2012 - 2014


Joburgpedia 2014 activity score card

We believe that Joburgpedia is one of our most successful projects to date and strongly believe that we are able to contribute a great wealth of information to Wikipedia and other related projects. Although our work at the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation was very successful last year, it was only a scratch on the surface of an untapped, rich history of South African heritage documents and media.

We have kept our expected outcomes as realistic as possible but expect to exceed them by far. In 2014 alone, our anticipated 250 photographs were surpassed by 609 uploads. We believe that appointing an additional Wikipedian in Residence is certain to double this amount.

In addition to the regular activities surrounding this project, we are introducing new aspects to the project as well :

  • Introducing the Writing Contest into schools with training and support provided by our institutional partner
  • Although we are working very hard with stakeholders to digitise these documents, the fact remains that there is a great deal of history that is yet untapped. We include with our funding application a contribution (half of the cost) to funding a smoke detection and suppression system at the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation Research Centre
  • Additional training and support offered by our Institutional Partner at ConHillEdu to volunteers on editing Wikipedia and writing new articles
  • Schools outreach project with the aim of targeting a school in a local township and support and train on Wikipedia as part of the curriculum (based on the success of Sinenjongo High), teaching them the importance of referencing, grammer and improving their writing skills in general.
  • The appointment of an additional Wikipedian in Residence

The project is divided into 4 phases which we envisaged to run from 2013 to 2016. The initial phase in 2013 was targeted at Johannesburg to Soweto. The second phase in 2014 targeted the Johannesburg Inner City. On this project we increased the number of GLAM institutions who were willing to work with us from 2 to 5 (Including the Satyagraha House a museum where Mahatma Ghandi lived). We increased content and participation on local languages and we had 19 new users of which 50% were women. On the third and the fourth phase of the project our focus will be more into covering the Johannesburg Skyline and the other Johannesburg surrounding townships. We also realized that there's a lot of work that needed completion on the 2014 phase of the project hence we are looking at having 2 WiR based at our GLAM institution. As we are phasing out content from 2014 we will be simultaneously working on the working on 2015 going forward.

We had 9 female participants at events in 2014 and we expect this number to increase to at least 18 this year. Our focus was mainly Wikipedia but we are looking at increasing more focus on other Wiki projects as well, Perhaps Wiki Commons or Wiki Varsity.

In 2014 we created a lot of stubs. This year our focus is on quality articles. Learning from the work we have done at our GLAM institution we noticed that this was because there is a low count of reliable references on the internet that could support our work. Much of the citations and the references are found on the archives of the same GLAM institution which needs more time for research to do the proper citations. Hence having 2 Wikipedian in Residence will help in digitizing the photographs, making the proper archival research and creating quality and complete articles.

Wikipedian in Residence[edit]

Our first ever Wikipedian in Residence completed a term at the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation in 2014. This institution contributed a great deal of content but there is much more that needs to digitised and captured for future generations. More information on the work of the Wikipedian in Residence can be found here and content uploaded from the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation can be found on Commons. We aim to continue with this partnership in the coming year by budgeting for 2 positions for a period of 6 months.

WM ZA requests funding to pay two salaries for the period as well as a small digitisation allowance. The two institutions decided upon will provide the space, support and facilities for these residents.

JoburgpediA-2015: Global Metrics[edit]

The following are global metric goals for this project

JoburgpediA-2015 Metrics Planning table (Global metrics 2014–15)
Metric description Goal Notes Metric description Goal Notes
1. Number of active editors involved 6 [1] 4. Number of new images/media 500 [2]
2. Number of newly registered users 50 [3] 5. Number of articles added 250 [4]
3. Number of individuals involved 85 [5] 6. Number of bytes added 2 Gb [6]
  1. Note 1: Including the 2 project managers who are also active users in their own right, we have confirmed involvement of 4 more active users to be involved in the project.
  2. Note 4: The digitization project to be undertaken with JHF will be more focused, thus it is reasonable to expect 500 quality images uploaded onto Commons
  3. Note 2: We believe that this number may end up being higher as we anticipate to retain and obtain more new users from the schools through the ConhillEdu partner.
  4. Note 5: This will be mainly coming from the WiRs to be co-ordinated with the digitization effort. The Edit-A-Thons will contribute about a third of this number as it is becoming an accepted and recognised feature of the project that users and volunteers have come to expect of JoburgpediA.
  5. Note 3: We will be monitoring this number better this year, we have teachers and university volunteers whom we have not properly captured as people who are involved in the project. It could end up being higher too.
  6. Note 6: The JHF has since aligned their cataloguing system to assit our WiRs, so we will be able to make a huge jump from about 100 kbs added previously.

Wiki Loves Afrikaans[edit]


For the first time, the Chapter is aiming at engaging with the Afrikaans Wikipedia community which currently has a small number of editors / contributors with the aim of expanding this Wiki in terms of content. Phase 1 of this project will be aimed at introducing a writing contest with the support of various Afrikaans Speaking Institutions, encouraging people to contribute on a subject matter of choice.

Participants are required to submit entries which conform to Class C and above.

Through the introduction of an Afrikaans specific competition, we aim to increase the number of contributors / editors to the Wikipedia community and to establish a relationship with existing editors. As a Chapter, we have never had the capacity to do this before.

We reached out to this community in August of 2014 when our Administrator started an article on Wikipedia to gain an understanding of how this specific wiki works. The edit sparked great interest from the community and led to various discussions on how to promote this wiki, informing this community for the first time about Wikimedia ZA. This led to daily interaction on the Afrikaans talkpage. During the Open Book Festival, a new Afrikaans contributor expressed interest in joining the community and she was assisted by the Administrator to reach out to the community for online support. In October 2014 the administrator suggested the appointment of an Afrikaans speaking director who could be the voice of the Afrikaans community at Wikimedia ZA. Subsequently, Deon Steyn (Oesjaar) was appointed to office on 1 November 2014. During this time we also created an Afrikaans specific section on our website with the latest news in Afrikaans. The interaction with this community has been on a daily basis and has seen two new members to the Chapter.

Wiki Loves Afrikaans-2015: Global Metrics[edit]

The following are global metric goals for this project

Wiki Loves Afrikaans-2015 Metrics Planning table (Global metrics 2014–15)
Metric description Goal Notes Metric description Goal Notes
1. Number of active editors involved ?? [1] 4. Number of new images/media ?? [2]
2. Number of newly registered users ?? [3] 5. Number of articles added ?? [4]
3. Number of individuals involved ?? [5] 6. Number of bytes added ?? [6]
  1. Note 1.
  2. Note 4.
  3. Note 2.
  4. Note 5.
  5. Note 3.
  6. Note 6.


Heritage Western Cape[edit]

This partner is committed to support Wiki Loves Monuments and has signed a 3-year Memorandum of Agreement contributing and amount of ZAR 15 000.00 per annum to the competition. They wish to increase participation from the Western Cape and an increased number of content on Cape Town heritage sites on Wikipedia. Their sponsorship supports outreach activities and prize money that is confined to activites and entrants from within the Western Cape. In addition, they provide the following :

  • Provide a database of all conservation bodies registered in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act
  • Provide a comprehensive list of all declared heritage sites across the Western Cape
  • Provide additional information related to sites such as the statements of significance
  • Provide a liaising officer to WMZA

In 2015, the amount unspent in 2014 will be spent on hiring an intern for two months to increase the data integrity of Heritage Western Cape's database of listed heritage sites and update that information on Wikipedia. Activities will include:

  • Verify and input GPS location of heritage sites and flag sites that need onsite verification
  • Research and update the GPS coordinates in the Heritage Western Cape database
  • Update the GPS coordinates and other details of all sites with reliable and checked coordinates on Wikipedia

The intern will be managed by Heritage Western Cape and will work in a space provided.

Johannesburg Heritage Foundation[edit]

This partner came on board with Joburgpedia in 2014 and hosted the first ever Wikipedian in Residence. They contributed a great deal of content but there is so much more that needs to digitised and captured for future generations. More information on the work of the Wikipedian in Residence can be found here and content uploaded from the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation can be found on Commons. We aim to continue with this partnership in the coming year.

Conhill Education Programme[edit]

This partnership which took form in 2014 has grown from strength to strength. This year, various volunteers from the programme will be assisting WM ZA with the Joburgpedia Writing contest. Though their connections, they are involving 50 schools to collaborate on Wikipedia. WM ZA will provide training to volunteers who in turn, will provide participants with training on how to edit Wikipedia. The project leads, Bobby Shabangu and Dumisani Ndubane will head this project. The launch and follow-up edit-a-thons for Joburgpedia Phase 1 has already been held at this venue. ConHillEdu has proved to be an invaluable partner in schools outreach.

City of Johannesburg[edit]

This City of Johannesburg has just confirmed their partnership with WM ZA to fund the project in 2015. They will cover the following costs :

  • Installation of QR Code Plaques
  • Half the cost of catering for further edit-a-thons
  • Prize for Winning Contest


We consider WM ZA as a crucial key player in reaching out to the Global South and a hub to Africa. Through various projects we aim to increase the South African editor pool, and engage with other communities across Africa to extend Wikimedia projects.

Wikimedia Commons has a relatively poor representation of African contributions or these are of moderate to acceptable quality. Through various projects we aim to increase the value of media on Commons.

Through past events we have been able to improve our credibility as a chapter and movement. We have been able to build relationships with various institutions who share our vision of access to knowledge for all, free of charge.

Target readership[edit]

All the editing communities in South Africa will benefit from the continuation of this position. We further believe that, as the only Chapter in Africa, we are in an ideal position to reach out to and coordinate existing and new user groups throughout Africa.

Fit with strategy[edit]

This position increases the capacity of the Chapter for outreach and facilitation.

Increasing reach[edit]

The continuation of this position will ensure the visibility of WM ZA within the SA community and will also ensure that activities throughout Africa increase and are supported.


The continuation of this position will further increase the visibility of the Chapter. In the time that the Administrator has joined the Chapter, we have already seen an increased number of participants through various outreach initiatives.


We believe that for the first time, WMZA is in a position to reach out to the broader wiki-community in South Africa. This is the first step in ensuring that a greater number of articles / edits / contributions are made to Wikimedia. As the only Chapter in Africa, we are also in an ideal position to facilitate the creation of African specific content on various Wikimedia projects.


As a Chapter we have come a long way in establishing credibility of the Chapter. Not only in South Africa among local editors / contributors, but also across various Chapters and communities in Africa.

It is interesting to note here that only 31% of the editing community had knowledge of the existence of the Chapter.

Measures of success[edit]

In and above the previously mentioned project specific targets and measures of success the following are the overall measures of success for the South African chapter over the next 6 to 12 months:

  1. Increased number of singed up Wikimedia ZA members (current membership number 19)
  2. Increased number of active Wikimedia ZA volunteers participating in chapter activities (current number is 5 in three cities: Cape Town [2], Johannesburg/Pretoria [3])
  3. Increase number of active Wikipedia editors in South Africa: last reported number was 105, number of survey participants 412
  4. Based on feeback from the survey:
    1. Increase awareness of Wikimedia South Africa: current rate is 31% of survey respondents aware of Wikimedia South Africa
    2. Increase awareness and use of the Visual Editor: currently 43 of 224 survey respondents reported that the Wikimedia syntax was too difficult to use in some way - reduce number/proportion of surveyees reporting this problem. This was the single largest issue brought up when questioned what challenges South African editors face. Other issues -in order of importance- include: perceived hostility to editors (mostly new editors), finding references to improve articles, perceived bias (mostly systemic), and learning the rules of or dealing with community bureaucracy. Reducing the prevalence of these changes faced by the community would also be a marker of success.

A number of our impact of these variables will only become known after a second survey has been conducted. It is therefore recommended that a survey be conducted before the review of this grant's success is fully evaluated so that it's success or failure can be properly evaluated based on the feedback of the Wikimedia South Africa community. It is recommended that this survey take place in the same time frame as the most recent one (April-June) in 2016.

The survey conducted in 2015 can be viewed on Qualtrics at here.

Please see the section Addressing the needs of the Wiki-community in South Africa for more information on the results of the survey that have influenced these measures of success.

Addressing the needs of the Wiki-community in South Africa[edit]

An infographic expanding on some of the findings from the 2015 online survey of South African Wikipedians.

WM ZA has just completed an online evaluation survey in the South Africa context (the first) to reach out to the community as a large. As of the 24 July 2015 a total of 412 survey's were started with 316 of them being completed. Wikimedia ZA feels that this is a very large and representative sample of the editing community in South Africa.

In the preliminary findings of this report, the following are noted:

  • The overwealming majoritory of respondents were male (85%)
  • Respondents were of all ages with the largest cohort (medium average) being between 31-35 years old (17%) and the smallest cohort being bewtween the ages of 10-15 years old (1%)
  • Most respondents were based in either Gauteng Province (43%) or the Western Cape (33%) indicating that in South Africa there are two 'hotspots' where editing takes place.
  • About a third (34%) of editors were relatively new having only signed up for a Wikimedia account within the past few months.
  • 81% of respondents were active on Wikipedia.
  • 47% of respondents were employed, 23% reported being self-employed, and 20% reported being students.
  • 62% of respondents reported editing Wikipedia "less than once a month" indicating that the majoritory of editors edit on a causial basis. The remaining 38% of editors reported editing more frequently.
  • 75% of respondents reported being "very interested" in technology.
  • 60% of respondents stated that they would like to be included on the Wikimedia ZA mailing list to learn more about WM ZA projects.

The qualitative feedback can be summarised in the following way:

  • What could Wikimedia ZA do to encourage more people to edit (Question 29): 157 people answered this question (by the 23 July) and a large number of them (70 respondents) stated that WM ZA should focus more on increasing its visibility to the general public. 24 respondents specifically stated that WM ZA should used paid adversiting to increase awareness about its self and encourage editing whilst another 46 gave a more general responce about increasing visibility ranging from "Visit universities and colleges, give talks" to "splash it on Wikipedia" to "Create campaigns outside of Wikipedia." The indication here is very clear that the community feels strongly that WM ZA should focus on launching an "awareness campaign" (to quote another respondent). The next largest cohort of respondents stated that they specifically thought WM ZA should do more work on outreach projects and partnerships such as having more Wikimeetups or workshops at schools and universities or "working with school and mission aligned institutions, have more editathons."
  • Most significant challenge faced when editing (Question 14): the largest single reported problem that editors reported facing was that the Wikimedia markup language was too difficult to interact with and/or master (43 respondents) and that simplifying it would go a long way to making it easier for them to contribute. This indicated that WM ZA should focus more on informing people about the visual editor as a tool to make editing easier.

Resources and risks[edit]


Indervidual projects are each managed by their respeciive initators:

The Administrator (Theresa Hume) is currently managed by the president of the Chapter, Douglas Scott.


WMZA has come a long way in creating an awareness of the Chapter and the movement as a whole. With the increased number and diversification of projects, we have been able to tap into communities who have not previously been aware of the Chapter's existence.

We believe that the termination of this position will have a dramatic influence on the stability of the organization. The work done over the last couple of months will, in our opinion, be undone as the Chapter will return to volunteer contributions (the Board) who do not have the time to effectively administer the Chapter, its projects and members.

As an Afrikaans speaking member of the community, the Administrator has been able to facilitate engagement with the Afrikaans editing community. It has been difficult persuading this community that the Chapter and the Foundation are interested in their growth.

With regards to projects generally the most likely risk is a lack of participation by members of the general public that would leave to limited or no success of the project overall. This risk is mitigated for by involving key partners that increase participation by actively promoting these respective projects through their own networks. So Wiki Loves Monuments is supported by ORMS Photographic Warehouse and their network of professional and amiture photographer customers and newsletter subscribers. Jobergpedia is supported by Heritage Johannesburg (government department within the City of Johannesburg) and the Afrikaans Writing Competition is supported by the Beeld newspaper (one of the largest Afrikaans newspaper groups in the country).

Risks can also be divided into the respective projects in this report:

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

Recent events in South Africa following the Rhodes Must Fall campaign at the university of Cape Town has created both a potential political risk of any South African event focused on monuments as well as a potential opportunity to increase involvement in Wikimedia projects. It is a risk because a number of people might mistakenly interpret the continued documentation of -predominantly- colonial era monuments in the country as a conservative initiative to celebrate colonial heritage and therefore, by extension in their eyes, an attempt to fight the process of 'racial transformation'.

This risk can be mitigated by a) reminding people that the purpose of the competition is to document monuments for use on Wikipedia without any political statement on the validity of those monuments, b) remind people that the competition organisers have always been sensitive of the status of monuments in South Africa and as such we have kept an open and broad definition of what is a monument for entry into the competition, c) include these critics of monuments into the conversation of what is a monument and invite them to participate in editing Wikipedia. This leads to the first of two oportunities. By including monument critics into the process we feel that we both increase the diversity of monuments (submitted content) and competition participants and b) encourage a new demographic to contribute to Wikipedia.


JoburgpediA heavily depends on free venues being provided for our activities. Thus far, we have a commitment from ConhillEdu to give us access to the constitutional court facilities, however the dates are cont finalised and as a result we need to co-ordinate our event dates with the ConhillEdu and the Court. This is a risk because from previous experience we get higher turn out of people e week before or after pay week, so it it crucial for us to stick to promised dates.

We have now received official partnership with City of Johannesburg and have been assured that we can have access to some of their libraries and museums so long as we give them atleast 2 weeks notice. This will assist us to mitigate the above risk.

Afrikaans Writing Competition[edit]

The main objective of the Afrikaans writing competition is to create awareness of the Afrikaans Wikipedia amongst the potential younger users within the Afrikaans community. A successful competition will also lure more users and editors to the Afrikaans Wikipedia. The young users referred to are kids currently attending school thus the writing competition is also a schools competition.

The biggest risk is to reach the young users and inform them about the writing competition. One of the more effective means is to use the media such as news papers etc. The Afrikaans newspaper, Beeld, has expressed an interest to become a partner in this venture. Beeld publishes a weekly regional paper that is aimed at schools in that region. This weekly paper is the ideal means to inform the schools about the writing competition. It must be borne in mind that schools will only mobilize if there is reasonable reward eg. cash for the winners.

Budget breakdown[edit]

A simple infographic illustrating the time line (x-axis) of Wikimedia ZA projects for the 2nd quarter of 2015 as well as the relative financial size (y-axis) of those projects. It also displays the different projects total costs as well as the percentage of the total budget of this grant application.

Bills Subtotals[edit]

Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Requested Funds (USD)
PROJECT SUMMARY PAGE Total in Rands (ZAR) Total in Dollars (USD)
1 Core Administrative Budget R 140,600.00 $ 11,484.58
2 Wiki Loves Monuments R 87,500.00 $ 7,147.23
3 Wiki Loves Afrikaans R 75,000.00 $ 6,126.20
4 Joburgpedia - Phase 2 R 223,000.00 $ 18,215.23
5 SUBTOTAL R 526,100.00 $ 42,973.24
6 VAT (14%) R 73,654.00 $ 6,016.25
7 TOTAL BUDGET PRICE R 599,754.00 $ 48,989.49

Core Administrative Budget[edit]

Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Requested Funds (USD) Notes
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Qty Rate Total (USD)
Core Administrative Budget
1.1 Human Resources - Full Time Administrator 1 20,000.00 20,000.00 1 1,633.65 1,633.65 [1]
1.2 Human Resources - Part Time Administrator 400 170.00 68,000.00 400 13.89 5,554.42 [2]
1.3 Human Resources - Payroll Administration Costs 6 700.00 4,200.00 6 57.18 343.07
1.4 Telecommunication 6 1,300.00 7,800.00 6 106.19 637.12
1.5 Contingencies 6 1,000.00 6,000.00 6 81.68 490.10
1.6 Bank Charges 6 600.00 3,600.00 6 49.01 294.06
1.7 Auditing Fees 1 6,000.00 6,000.00 1 490.10 490.10
1.8 Office Rental 6 2,500.00 15,000.00 6 204.21 1,225.24
1.9 Subscriptions & Affiliations 1 10,000.00 10,000.00 1 816.83 816.83 [3]
Total Core Administrative Budget 140,600.00 11,484.58
  1. For the number of months worked (1) in July.
  2. For the number of hours worked from August 2015 to December 2015 (400).
  3. For Dropbox file sharing and The Media List which is used for creating project awareness and gives us access to important contact information to all publications in SA

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Requested Funds (USD) Notes
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Qty Rate Total (USD)
1.1 Postage 1 1,000.00 1,000.00 1 81.68 81.68
1.2 Telecommunication 1 1,000.00 1,000.00 1 81.68 81.68
1.3 Incidental Costs & Contingencies 1 10,500.00 10,500.00 1 857.67 857.67
1.4 Media & Event Promotion 1 5,000.00 5,000.00 1 408.41 408.41
1.5 Award Ceremony - Catering 1 10,000.00 10,000.00 1 816.83 816.83
1.6 Award Ceremony - Printing & display of winning entries 1 8,000.00 8,000.00 1 653.46 653.46
1.7 Award Ceremony - National Prizes 1 25,000.00 25,000.00 1 2,042.07 2,042.07
1.8 Award Ceremony - Transport (Flights & Car Rental) 1 18,000.00 18,000.00 1 1,470.29 1,470.29
1.9 Award Ceremony - Accommodation 1 9,000.00 9,000.00 1 735.14 735.14
1.10 Project Facilitation (1 person) 1 5,000.00 5,000.00 1 408.41 408.41
Total 87,500.00 7,147.23

Wiki Loves Afrikaans[edit]

Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Requested Funds (USD) Notes
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Qty Rate Total (USD)
1.1 Event Launch & Outreach Activities 1 10,000.00 10,000.00 1 816.83 816.83
1.2 Printed project matter, Press Kits & Telecommunications 1 10,000.00 10,000.00 1 816.83 816.83
1.3 Roadshows 1 8,000.00 8,000.00 1 653.46 653.46
1.4 Incidental Costs & Contingencies 1 5,000.00 5,000.00 1 408.41 408.41
1.5 Project Management 1 10,000.00 10,000.00 1 816.83 816.83
1.6 Winning Prizes 1 20,000.00 20,000.00 1 1,633.65 1,633.65
1.7 Judging 1 12,000.00 12,000.00 1 980.19 980.19
Total 75,000.00 6,126.20

Joburgpedia Phase 2[edit]

Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Requested Funds (USD) Notes
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Qty Rate Total (USD)
1.1 T-Shirts & Printed Matter 1 7,000.00 7,000.00 1 571.78 571.78
1.2 Project Facilitation (2 people) 1 16,000.00 16,000.00 1 1,306.92 1,306.92 [1]
1.3 Advertising & Marketing 1 7,000.00 7,000.00 1 571.78 571.78
1.4 Incidental Costs & Contingencies 1 6,000.00 6,000.00 1 490.10 490.10
1.5 Pamphlets for edit-a-thons 1 6,000.00 6,000.00 1 490.10 490.10
1.6 Catering - 5 events 1 22,500.00 22,500.00 1 1,837.86 1,837.86 [2]
1.7 Preservation of Archives 1 15,000.00 15,000.00 1 1,225.24 1,225.24
1.8 ConhillEdu Training Sessions 1 5,000.00 5,000.00 1 408.41 408.41
1.9 Equipment 1 5,000.00 5,000.00 1 408.41 408.41
1.10 Training Material & Supplies 1 3,000.00 3,000.00 1 245.05 245.05
1.11 Sourcing & Installation of QR Plaques 1 18,500.00 18,500.00 1 1,511.13 1,511.13 [3]
1.12 Library Outreach Initiative 1 5,000.00 5,000.00 1 408.41 408.41
1.13 Schools Outreach Initiative 1 10,000.00 10,000.00 1 816.83 816.83
1.14 Digitisation 1 15,000.00 15,000.00 1 1,225.24 1,225.24
1.15 Wikipedian in Residence (2 individuals at 2 Institutions for 6 months) 1 72,000.00 72,000.00 1 5,881.15 5,881.15
1.16 Portable Wi-Fi stations 1 10,000.00 10,000.00 1 816.83 816.83
Total 223,000.00 18,215.23
  1. Two project facilitators in Johannesburg as project leads and coordinators
  2. This bill is split between WMZA and The City of Johannesburg - Total estimated cost is R 45 000.00.
  3. We have requested an amount of R 5 520.00 from the City of Johannesburg to support the installation of the plaques.

Budget Summaries[edit]

Total project budget
ZAR 599,754.00 or $48,989.49 rounded total as calculated to be R12.2425/1USD on 03/06/2015 using latest exchange rate
Total amount requested
ZAR 599,754.00 or $48,989.49 rounded total as calculated to be R12.2425/1USD on 03/06/2015 using latest exchange rate
Are there additional sources of revenue that will fund any part of this project? List them here.
Yes - These are project support contributions from partners (see below)

Non-financial requirements[edit]



In the past year (2014) the following in-kind donations have have been made by the following project partners for the respective projects. We will be working with many of these partners on the same projects again this year.

Project Value (ZAR) Value (USD) Partner
Joburgpedia ZAR 48,020.00 USD 3,922.40 City of Joburg
Joburgpedia ZAR 35,000.00 USD 3,922.40 Johanesburg Heritage Foundation
Wiki Loves Monuments ZAR 21,278.00 USD 1,738.04 Heritage Western Cape
Wiki Loves Monuments ZAR 500.00 USD 40.84 De Grendel Wines
Joburgpedia ZAR 20,000.00 USD 1,633.65 ConHill Education Project
Wiki Loves Monuments ZAR 45,000.00 USD 3,675.72 ORMS Photographic Workshop
Afrikaans Writing Competition ZAR 5,000.00 USD 408.41 Beeld Community Newspaper
Joburgpedia & Wiki Loves Monuments ZAR 3,000.00 USD 245.05 Various
Wikipedia Primary School ZAR 106,200.00 USD 8,674.70 University of Cape Town
Total ZAR 248,998.00 USD 20,338.82

Future strategy[edit]


Community notification[edit]


Do you think this project should be selected for a Project and Event Grant? Please add your name and rationale for endorsing this project in the list below. Other feedback, questions or concerns from community members are also highly valued, but please post them on the talk page of this proposal.