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Below are 9 suggested images from the Commons category Images from the Groeningemuseum, some of which may be appropriate to add to the indicated articles on the 'de' Wikipedia, based on the fact they are used in the equivalent articles on the 'nl' Wikipedia.

They were created by the GLAMify tool.


  1. Portret_van_Albert_Jakob_Frans_Gregorius,_1795,_Groeningemuseum,_0043323000.jpg ==> Albert Gregorius -- already used in Albert_Gregorius
  2. Boslandschap,_circa_1626_-_circa_1699,_Groeningemuseum,_0040323001.jpg ==> Lucas Achtschellinck -- already used in Lucas_Achtschellinck
  3. De_meikoningin,_1900,_Groeningemuseum,_0040803000.jpg ==> Flori van Acker -- already used in Flori_Van_Acker
  4. Boslandschap_met_wad,_circa_1626_-_circa_1699,_Groeningemuseum,_0040179000.jpg ==> Lucas Achtschellinck -- already used in Lucas_Achtschellinck
  5. Annunciatie_en_de_aanbidding_van_het_Jezuskind,_1452,_Groeningemuseum,_0040038000.jpg ==> Petrus Christus -- already used in Petrus_Christus
  6. Portret_van_Hendrik_Franssens,_deken_van_het_Brugse_chirurgijnsambacht,_circa_1675_-_circa_1713,_Groeningemuseum,_0040432000.jpg ==> Jakob van Oost der Jüngere -- already used in Jacob_II_van_Oost
  7. Portret_van_keizerin_Maria_Theresia,_1749,_Groeningemuseum,_0040162000.jpg ==> Maria Theresia -- already used in Maria_Theresia_van_Oostenrijk_(1717-1780)
  8. Laatste_Avondmaal,_Gustave_van_de_Woestyne,_1927,_Groeningemuseum,_0040054000.jpg ==> Abendmahl Jesu -- already used in Het_Laatste_Avondmaal_(Jezus)
  9. Laatste_Avondmaal,_Gustave_van_de_Woestyne,_1927,_Groeningemuseum,_0040054000.jpg ==> Gustave Van de Woestyne -- already used in Gustave_Van_de_Woestyne