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Wordpile is a tool that produces word-count reports for a given PagePile ID. It is activated by placing a request below.

How to request a report from the tool[edit]

In the "Current requests" subpage (transcluded below), add a line with your request, in the following format:
# <PagePile ID> <your username>

For example, to produce a report for PagePile ID 1234, for username Ijon, add a line line this:
# 1234 Ijon

Don't forget to put your exact username, if you want to be notified when the results are ready! :)

Requests are served once every 10 minutes, and up to 7 requests will be served per run of the tool, with the remaining requests postponed to the next run.

Current requests[edit]

click here to add your request.

  1. ...



  1. 24929 (for Ijon)


  1. 24928 (for Ijon)
  2. 24932 (for Ijon)


  1. 24943 (for Antanana)


  1. 24943 (for Antanana)


  1. 24943 (for Antanana)


  1. 24943 (for Antanana)

Technical information[edit]

This section will briefly describe the implementation of the tool. If you're only trying to use it, and aren't a developer, feel free to skip it entirely.

The tool is written in Ruby, and its source code is available on GitHub. Pull requests are welcome.

It runs on the Wikimedia Tool Labs grid, and utilizes the Wikimedia Foundation's mediawiki_api Ruby gem to interact with the requests and results on this page and its sub-page.

(If you're interested in using Ruby to develop wiki tools, I'm happy to help!)

See also[edit]

  • PagePile -- creating PagePiles
  • PetScan -- another powerful tool for creating PagePiles