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Howditude! I'm Improv from the English Wikipedia.

I am no longer associated with any Wikimedia project. If you want to contact me, email pgunn@dachte.org

  • Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch
  • Yo hablo un poco Español
  • ぼくは 日本語が すこし できます。
  • If you want to say something to me in English, German, Spanish, or Japanese, there's a good chance I'll (possibly with help of a dictionary, hopefully not) be able to figure it out and reply accordingly.
  • If you want to say something to me in French, Italian, Russian, or Hebrew, there's a poor (but nonzero) chance that I'll understand, but I'll probably have to reply in English.
  • I maintained/started LSS.
  • I was an administrator on meta