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en: My native language is Russian; I can read and write English fluently, and I have the basic level (mainly reading) of Slavic Cyrillic (Serbian, Ukrainian, Makedonian, etc) languages.
ru: Мой родной язык — русский; также я могу свободно читать и писать на английском и имею начальное знание (в основном чтение) славянских кириллических языков (украинского, сербского, македонского и т. д.)

I'm user of WMF wikis. I have a different works: patrol of new changes and pages in many projects, fighting with cross-wiki spam and vandalism, creating and editing many pages (articles, texts, policies, helps, handbooks, etc). But my main work - administration and technical development. I'm member of Small Wiki Monitoring Team. In my competence monitoring of small slavik and minority languages of Russia wikis. For some small wikis I have sysop permissions. I am a global rollbacker and global sysop for the Wikimedia Foundation.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas or disagreement with any my actions please tell me about in my my talk page. I'll try to answer.

P.S. More info (in russian) in my Wikisource userpage.