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For admins[edit]

Name Description Notes
Ajaxsysop, russian version Adds some options for admins with AJAX help: patrol of changes, quick revert and additions for deletions. Author of original script – Pathoschild, russian version by Innv.
BlockOptions, russian version Adds in top of Special:Block links for quick block with auto-reasons. Author of original script – Mike.lifeguard. Translated on Russian 19 January 2010.
LinkUserRights, russian version Adds on userpages and user talk pages links for change user rights. Translated on Russian in 2009.

For spam-fighters[edit]

Name Description Notes
Removespam, russian version Script for easy remove external links in articles. Author of original script – Mike.lifeguard. Translated on Russian 12 February 2010. See also instruction.
English: Any questions, comments, ideas? In talk page please.
Русский: Есть вопросы, комментарии, идеи? На страницу обсуждения, пожалуйста.
Українська: Є запитання, коментарі, ідеї? На сторінку обговорення, будь ласка.