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Draft text

OpenStreetMap is an extraordinary repository of geographical data, a committed online community and an important resources for all Internet users.

OpenStreetMap and the Wikimedia projects share the vision of making accessible open and reusable data, but with the growing development of Wikidata the compatibility between OpenStreetMap and the Wikimedia projects is at strike. Wikidata has a CC0 licenses; OpenStreetMap has an Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL), which is an attribution and share-alike license for Data/Databases. These different licenses do not allow interoperability between data and they strongly limit the potential interaction between the two projects.

We would like to ask OpenStreetMap to reconsider its license and to develop steps to move towards a CC0 license. Steps can include a default CC0 license for data entry made by users and an authorization system to release content already uploaded.

A request supported by... Wikimap user group [chapters? WM foundation?] [names of people/users]