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Planning your program

This section will help you identify and clarify your goals, decide what programs, events and other strategies will help meet those goals and determine how to measure progress towards goals.
Choose the best program for your community

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• Set program goals and key measures of success

The best programs focus on one or two realistic goals and have clear measures of success. It is important to establish these in the program planning process, both to write a strong grant proposal and to keep the team of organizers focused on key activities.

  • Define program goals and measures of success: Look at sample goals from similar programs, identify community priorities and decide what you are able to measure.
  • Set achievable goals: Realistic goals will can help volunteers remain engaged and have a rewarding experience.
  • Refer to reports on Wiki Loves Monuments and other photo events: On average, individual WLM contests generate 4,000 images, 13% images in use, 153 participants of which 68% were new users. New user retention and quality image rates are both below 1%.

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People and Logistics

What kind of resources you need to be successful? This an important step, whether you are planning a contest for the first time or have planned a contest before. In this section you will find guidance on how to build a team of volunteers, and links to research on budgets and timelines used in successful contests.

Determine how much help you need and find volunteers to support you

Taking part in an international competition such as Wiki Loves Monuments or Wiki Loves Earth can require significant volunteer time. That said, the structure and excitement around participating in what has been the largest photography contest in the world makes participating in the international contest a great first-project for volunteers to organize together.

Identify organizations that will benefit from your contest and ask for their support

Partners or sponsors can support your event by donating prizes and event space, promote contests to new audiences, provide planning and judging support from subject experts and more. It is important to begin speaking to existing and potential partners many months before a photo event to secure sufficient support.

Plan the program budget and find resources to pay for it

Plan and manage project budget.

  • Budget guidelines: Tips and guidelines for creating a great budget.
  • Budget templates: This page will help you with the technical task of creating a budget for a grant proposal.
  • Expense Tracker: Blog post on a tool WM Czech Republic developed for easy processing of volunteer expenses. Can be modified for any group and makes photo expeditions/walks much easier to organize!

WMF Grants can be used to pay for photo contest prizes and other expenses as well as programs supporting photography communities. In any grant proposal, it is important to demonstrate that your community supports the project, and that the project is necessary to reach community goals.

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Prizes and Awards
People who participate in contests are often driven by a desire to win a prize or gain recognition from the community. This section will help you determine what kind of prizes may motivate contest participants, and will provide guidance on how to pay for and deliver those prizes.
Choose a prize that participants will value, and that you can deliver
Find judges, determine scoring systems and choose tools to simplify the process
Plan award ceremonies and follow up events

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