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Template for XYZ categories[edit]


<div class="multilingual">
{{ls|de|Diese Kategorie enthält Seiten, die in {{subst:#language:ext|de}} übersetzt wurden.}} 
{{ls|el|Αυτή η κατηγορία συλλέγει σελίδες που έχουν μεταφραστεί στα {{subst:#language:ext|el}}.}}
{{ls|en|This category gathers pages that have been translated into {{subst:#language:ext|en}}.}}
{{ls|es|Esta categoría recoge las páginas que han sido traducidas al {{subst:#language:ext|es}}.}}
{{ls|fr|Cette catégorie rassemble des pages ayant été traduites en {{subst:#language:ext|fr}}.}}
{{ls|it|Questa categoria raggruppa le pagine che sono state tradotte in {{subst:#language:ext|it}}.}}
{{ls|nl|Deze categorie groepeert pagina's die zijn vertaald naar het {{subst:#language:ext|nl}}.}}
{{ls|ru|Эта категория содержит страницы, переведённые на {{subst:#language:ext|ru}} язык.}}

[[Category:Translations by language]]


Wikimedia necklace[edit]

Many useful external tools and services for Wikimedia movement (in addition to MediaWiki extensions) may be translated in the TranslateWiki.Net. Some of them are listed below (along with direct links and translation):

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