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The Wikimedia Foundation will release VisualEditor beta soon to all Wikipedias, and we want you to be prepared.

This project already has an overview page for VisualEditor, located here: __________. We are organizing and expanding a user guide and FAQ that will help you explain how to use VisualEditor here. We also want to hear from you; if you have not set up a feedback page here on your wiki, I encourage you to do so. On this page you can collect thoughts, ideas and opinions on VisualEditor, as well as a place to mention bugs that may need reporting to Bugzilla. A simple subpage of your VisualEditor page would be a great place to start (examples in English and Dutch). If you are able to speak for the concerns of others in English on meta or locally I encourage you to help your community to be represented in this process.

If you can help translate the user interface for VisualEditor to your language, you can help with that as well. Translatewiki has open tasks for translating VisualEditor. A direct link to translate the user interface is here. You need an account on Translatewiki to translate.

Please contact me anytime here, on my meta talk page, or by email with questions about VisualEditor.