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I recognize that this user page belongs to this Wikimedia project and not to me personally. As such, I recognize that I am expected to respectfully abide by community standards as to the presentation and content of this page, and that if I do not like these guidelines, I am welcome either to engage in reasonable discussion about it, to publish my material elsewhere, or to leave the project.

Hi! I am Larry Pieniazek, I like LEGO, and I am not notable.

I am extremely proud that user:Josette was my wife.

I served on the WMF Ombudsman commission for 2010. (While serving, I was temporarily suspended from all Checkuser roles and from my role as Steward. These suspensions were noted with strikeouts)

I was formerly a steward (my request, verify, rights log) here and on all Wikimedia Foundation projects. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please remember that, per policy, stewards do not take sides in disputes, do not decide matters for themselves (instead they seek to understand community consensus), and do not act when local processes exist and provide for a mechanism for the action. Please use the defined pages (such as Requests for permissions, Requests for bot status, or Requests for CheckUser information) rather than direct requests, wherever possible. While I do carry out crosswiki checkuser requests regularly, per steward policy and practice I will not act as a steward on my home wikis (en:wp, en:ws, commons, meta) at all, except in exceedingly rare, emergency circumstances.

If the matter involves a need for discretion please feel free to email me using my email link, and note that you consider the matter private.

I edit primarily on the english Wikipedia, so please see my user page there for more information.

I was formerly an administrator (my request), bureaucrat (my request) and checkuser (my request) here. If I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to ask. My email link works here, and I do check regularly, so you can leave me a message on my talk page.

See my WikiMatrix for info on all my accounts.


I have one sock here: Larbot (talk contribs count logs page moves block log CA email), which someday may be a bot but for now, just reserving the name (and using it as a non admin ID when I need to test things out)

Permissions at Meta

  • I became an administrator at Meta on 13 February 2007: RFA
  • I became a checkuser at Meta on 23 May 2007: RFCU
  • I became a bureaucrat at Meta on 26 September 2007: [1]
  • I became an oversighter at Meta on 22 July 2008: RFO but resigned it as soon as two other oversighters were confirmed. Subsequently Meta has switched to having stewards do the role as needed.
  • My adminship and bureacratship were removed in November 2010 for inactivity.
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I am typically in the UTC-5 (US eastern) or UTC-6 (US central) timezone
Contact info
IRC "lar" or "lar|something"
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Email via EN:WP mail link
AOL LarryPieniazek
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MSN larrypieniazek(at)hotmail(dot)com
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Yahoo Larry_Pieniazek
(IM only. Not a mail address. Rarely on.)
Stolen from User:Kelly Martin