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Lois (she/her)
Volunteer Translator, Projects of the Wikimedia Foundation
"Autism can't define me, I define autism."

About me

Hello and welcome to my home page in Wikimedia. My name is Emese. And my nickname is Lois. I'm from the city of Budapest. I've been a Wikipedia editor since 2018 on the Hungarian Wikipedia. I'm on patroller there now.
I am autistic. Yes, I know, this is a disadvantage in many places. But I'm very meticulous. And I like learning so much. I'm learning Hebrew and Latin now. It's not easy, but I'm coping.
I like to translate. I'm really interested fantasy, grimdark and dark fantasy novels. Mostly I translate Novels on these topics. I translate Novels when I'm not translating here. And it's very important that I convey value.

My work

I'm just a simple translator on Wikimedia. I focus on translation. But I also look at outdated translations and correct them.

Contact me

  • email: email
  • Discord: Lois131#3737
  • Telegram: @Lois131

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