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About me[edit]

Slovak Wikipedia[edit]


I registered on Slovak Wikipedia on 14th March 2015. The first impulse why to do that was to add recently published books of Three Investigators into the table in the article. Besides a few edits, I was not active until 29th October 2016, when I created my first article about American book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My next wiki activity was updating and expanding this article. In 2017, I started to edit different articles and I was mainly translating from English Wikipedia. This can be marked as an already active wiki stage.

I rather like to edit existing articles than to create new ones since on Slovak Wikipedia there are many short and not updated articles. At the end of summer 2018, after watching the whole Friends series, I decided to translate the whole page about this series from English to Slovak. Then I found out that there are not many articles related to this series on Slovak Wikipedia and so I broke the temperance in not creating articles and I created articles about every main character.

My main motivation for work on Slovak Wikipedia is to increase the ability of Slovak-speaking people to read the most articles in their native language. I try to update out-of-date information or to expand articles about the topic which I am interested in. I don't focus on a specific area but I rather work on articles where I don't need to have any further expertise (e.g. I don't edit articles related to math 😊 ).


Currently, I moved all my efforts towards organizational and maintenance stuff. I look at how Slovak Wikipedia works and I try to look after main aspects of its operation. I started preparing Picture of the week on the Main Page, Community Portal with sections News which brings news about both local and international events and Tip of the month that brings interesting tips for editors. I would like to focus on the problem of low number of editors on Slovak Wikipedia in the near future as well as on other general problems and areas for improvement (processes, environment, approach to novices and conditions, community, ...).


In March 2018, thanks to Wikipedia mobile app I discovered descriptions on Wikidata which are shown in search on Wikipedia (both mobile and desktop version) and under the article name in the mobile web view and mobile app. When I looked at English and Czech Wikipedia at that time, I realized that there are nearly none of the descriptions in Slovak. So I decided to add descriptions to random articles, later I was recommended the semi-automatic tool for adding descriptions and since then I added more than 110 000 edits.

Wikimedians of Slovakia User Group[edit]

I was part of Wikimedians of Slovakia User Group from 2019 until 1 August 2020.


On Meta-Wiki, I started translating organizational pages to Slovak so Slovak-speaking users can also learn about worldwide movement. I also translate some, often interesting and for Slovak users valuable, project pages.[edit]

I am also on where I translate under the same user name Luky001.