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Wikimedians of Slovakia

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Wikimedians of Slovakia
Logo of Wikimedians of Slovakia User Group
Country codeSK
Legal statuscivic association
(občianske združenie)
Founding dateDecember 16, 2011
Approval dateJune 25, 2018
Official language(s)Slovak
ChairMatej Grochal
Key peoplesee People
E-mail addressinfo(_AT_)wikimedia.sk
Mailing listWikimedia-SK-oznamy (announcements)
TelegramTelegram channel
TwitterTwitter account
FacebookFacebook page
InstagramInstagram account
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Wikimedians of Slovakia User Group (abbreviated as WUG WMSK; the official legal name Wikimedia Slovensko, abbreviated as WMSK, former official legal name Wikimedia Slovenská republika) is a Wikimedia user group and a civic association incorporated in accordance with the Act of the Federal Assembly of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic No. 83/1990 Coll. on Citizens Associations as amended to 2020[1] with its primary mission to support the Wikimedia movement in Slovakia as described in its bylaws. Our intention is to develop our organisation into a Wikimedia chapter.

We have organised number of contests, presentations, speeches, workshops, meetings (including Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2013), carried out some small projects and participated on various Wikimedia conferences. We are collaborating with another Wikimedia organizations and educational organizations, both NGOs and national.



Intentions to start an official user group go back to 2006 but the first strong call for its establishment appeared in beginning of 2011. After nearly a year of meetings, brainstorming and consultations with abroad Wikimedians, we created core team of founders which formed a board pro tempore. A civic association named Wikimedia Slovenská republika was incorporated in December 2011 and our first general assembly took place in March 2012. On the 25th of June 2018, Affiliation Committee recognized us as Wikimedia User Group.













At the General Assembly meeting on 10 February 2024, a new Board was elected:

  • Chair: Matej Grochal (Jetam2)
  • Vice-Chairs:
Audit Committee

At the General Assembly meeting on 10 February 2024 a new Audit Committee was elected.

Basic principles of organisation


The civic association Wikimedia Slovensko (hereafter referred to as the Association) has three kinds of memberships:

  • regular membership,
  • supporting membership,
  • honorary membership.

The General Assembly (valné zhromaždenie) is the highest body of the Association and consists of all Association's regular members. It convenes at least once a year. Its meeting takes place either as a physical event or as a teleconference while always being open to public. The General Assembly has exclusive right to:

  • change and amend the bylaws,
  • pass internal regulations (such as rules of procedure),
  • pass annual agenda,
  • pass annual reports,
  • pass annual budget,
  • pass annual accounts,
  • grant honorary membership,
  • elect and recall the members of the Board (predsedníctvo) as well as the members of the Audit Committee (revízna komisia),
  • serve as the body of the last appeal against a removal of membership.

The Board is the executive body of the Association. Its duties consist of:

  • managing Association's activities in between General Assembly meetings (within legal and organisational boundaries established by the General Assembly),
  • preparing and convening General Assembly meetings,
  • preparing annual agenda, annual budget, annual accounts, and annual report drafts to be considered at the General Assembly meeting,
  • handling membership applications,
  • carrying out accounting and records management.

The Board is led by the chair elected for the two-year period by the General Assembly. The General Assembly also elects at least one Vice-chair, also for the two-year period. Both the Chair and Vice-chairs are statutory bodies of the Association with the full authority to represent the Association before the public authorities and other organisations.

The Audit Committee is the supervisory body with at least two members who are elected for three-year period by the General Assembly. Its duties include:

  • monitoring Association's compliance with the bylaws and internal regulations,
  • monitoring Board's compliance with the General Assembly resolutions,
  • overseeing the financial management,
  • handling appeals against a removal of membership.

The Board may establish and transfer a part of its powers to a team (working team, project team or organisational team). A team is considered an organisational unit of the Board and is subordinate to the Board. Teams are usually establish in order to carry out certain programs, projects or events.

The Board also may establish the Secretariat and hire paid staff to manage its day-to-day agenda but, as of February 2022, it have not done so. WUG WMSK is still a full volunteer organisation.



Reports and agenda