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User:Marco Chemello (Museoscienza)

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Marco Chemello
Marco Chemello in 2015 at Festival delle Libertà Digitali / Festambiente Vicenza
Marco Chemello
Wikimedian in residence, Wikimedia Italia
"To boldly go..."

About me

I am a wikipedian since 2004 as "Marcok". Mainly active on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons (and other sister projects), I am active on GLAM projects in Italy since 2007.

My work

In 2016 I worked for both the Progetto:GLAM/Museoscienza and Progetto:GLAM/BEIC as Wikimedia Italia consultant in Milan, Italy.

Contact me

Talk page or marco.chemello(_AT_)wikimedia.it.

This is an alternate account for Marcok. More info at w:it:User:Marco Chemello (Museoscienza).

See it:Progetto:GLAM/Museoscienza for more details.

My global contributions - My contributions to it.wiki