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User:Martin Urbanec/Alternate accounts

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This list is here to list alternate accounts I have, to be transparent about accounts I hold, and purpose why I created them. If you want to know more about what an account does, visit the userpage associated with it. If that does not explain its purpose to you or it doesn't exist, please contact me, I'll explain.

Statement about other alternate accounts[edit]

As of now, I do not have any other alternate account that isn't listed here and is intended to be used more than once (see Technical accounts section for explanation). Since I'm a human, I might forget to list an account here. If you see an account that you think is controlled by me, please contact me, I'll either add it here, or declare that account is not mine.

List of accounts[edit]

Staff account(s)[edit]


Those accounts are used by bots (automated or semi-automated program performing maintenance tasks that are tedious to do manually) I maintain.

Testing accounts[edit]

Those accounts are used for testing MediaWiki behaviour with unprivileged, new or low-editcount accounts.

This section does not contain single-purpose accounts created for testing. Such accounts are clearly identified as testing (called either "Testing account xxx", or "MU test xxx"), and are used only once.


Accounts preventing impersonation[edit]

Urbanecm and UrbanecmTest are accounts I created to prevent impersonation. I used Urbanecm as my username before May 2016, and still use at Wikimedia Phabricator or IRC.