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User:Mathonius/Reports/Nothing to say about me really

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This is an effort to collect information about a specific kind of spambot. Their pattern is: creating a userpage with a short introduction, then <br><br>, and a link to (a page linking to) the actual spam. See here on enwikiversity for example (link only for users with undelete permission). They attempt to appear like real/human users. Sometimes, they also create a spam page in the main namespace. They've recently started spamming in other languages than English (e.g., Spanish), and there have been a few who spammed on multiple wiki's.

User:Mathonius/Reports/Ntsamr and NTSAMR redirect to this page.

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Discussions and investigations[edit]

  • See /Links for an incomplete overview.
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Please also consider reporting the spambots at Steward requests/Global or in #wikimedia-stewardsconnect, so a steward can quickly take action.