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Board Member, Secretary, Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group
Life is a one time offer, use it well.

About me

Imagining Worlds, Weaving Words: Meet Angelica "MaxixKatana" Mirras In the tapestry of cyberspace, Angelica "MaxixKatana" Mirras threads her way not with sword and shield, but with keyboard and quill. Hailing from Caranan, Pasacao in Camarines Sur, Angelica's story began in 1999. Today, she walks the vibrant halls of the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture Pasacao Campus, her future painted bright with a Bachelor of Secondary Education in English.

Angelica's spirit echoes with a deep faith, honed while serving as Head Information Officer for the Campus Ministry. Her leadership extends beyond chapels, having held office for three years in the Guild of English Major Students. This love for language finds new expression in her recent embrace of Wiki Advocacy Philippines, where she wields her knowledge as a volunteer editor since January 2023.

Beneath Angelica's digital avatar beats a heart that believes in the flicker of goodness, even in the shadows. Perhaps this philosophy stems from her love for escaping into fiction, her eyes devouring every genre known to man. Books, for Angelica, are portals to distant worlds, offering refuge from life's harsher edges. Yet, her imagination isn't just for flight – it fuels the words she weaves, both in classrooms and on Wikipedia pages.

Angelica's story is still young, its pages yet to be fully inked. But one thing is certain: like the heroes and heroines she reads about, she walks with purpose, wielding her skills not for battle, but for building bridges of understanding and knowledge. In the vast library of online voices, Angelica's "MaxixKatana" shines bright, a testament to the power of words to ignite change, one edit, one story, one imagined world at a time.

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Off-Wiki Projects

  • Human Rights Day in the Philippines 2023
  • WikiDunong: EduWiki Initiatives in the Philippines Project
  • Women@Work Philippines 2023
  • Albay Tour 2023


Organized Events

  • SheSaid Campaign 2023
  • Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2023 Campaign in the Philippines

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  • Wikimania 2023

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