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az-N Azərbaycan dili bu istifadəçinin ana dilidir.
fa-4 این کاربر فارسی را در حد نزدیک به زبان مادری می‌فهمد.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
tr-2 Bu kullanıcı orta düzeyde Türkçe bilir.
Users by language
  • Meisam used to be an admin in several projects (detailed list below)
  • Main contribution topics: Music, Materials science, Electronics, Literature (and other related subjects)
  • Have access to several scientific databases/libraries.
    Let me know if you need any references for Wikipedia articles.


You can freely leave messages on my talk pages. Unencrypted emails will be mostly redirected to dev/null

important permission changes
Date Project Action Username Notes
01-Oct-04 fawikip +account میثم User:میثم
08-Mar-06 fawikip +account Meisam Latin transliteration of the original username
19-Jul-06 fawikip +account MSBOT Bot: User:MSBOT
01-Jun-08 fawikip +admin Meisam temporary for copyrighted images cleanup
02-Jun-08 fawikip +admin Meisam temporary for copyrighted images cleanup
09-Feb-09 fawikip +admin Meisam per RfA
21-Apr-09 global +bot MSBOT per RfP/Bot
02-May-10 fawikip -admin Meisam self-request
13-Feb-11 global -bot MSBOT per inactivity
14-Apr-12 global +bot MSBOT self-request
16-May-12 fawikip +admin Meisam self-request
17-Mar-13 wikidata +admin Meisam per RfA
01-Oct-13 wikidata -admin Meisam per inactivity policy
05-Aug-14 commons +admin Meisam per RfA
08-Jan-15 fawikip -admin Meisam self-request
08-Jan-15 commons -admin Meisam self-request
26-Jan-16 global -bot MSBOT per inactivity, Bot is retired!
15-Oct-17 meta +translator admin Meisam temporary for a week