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This Wiki is meant to gather practical and theoretical information on language revitalization and the use of languages in digital spaces, and link to good sources which are useful for learning or could be summarized here or elsewhere in the future. We can make substantial progress, if we all add just a little bit to it.

Currently, many of the subpages refer to external sources. We see that it would be useful to gather the information in one place, and into a focused and goal-oriented wiki, and we will strive to do that.

Also, this page is currently very little developed due to temporal constraints. You are however welcome to contribute, let's build it together.

Digital vitality of languages[edit]

Social media and minority languages[edit]

Minority languages on Wikipedia[edit]

Workflows to build up a Wikipedia[edit]

Tools to help with digital language vitality[edit]

Translation applications[edit]

Computer games[edit]

  • Huni Kuin: The Way of the Jiboia/Snake - a computer game developed by Anthropologists to introduce Kaxinawá traditional life. Available in Portuguese and hatxã kuin (a version of the Kaxinawá language), subtitles in English and Spanish.

Stories on language revitalization[edit]