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User:Nekosuki600/Some memos of JA-Wikipedia

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Online name culture in Japan[edit]

There is a feature in the online culture in Japan. One feature is to use handles as signature (Handle is a name given by oneself for using in online services). There is a custom to use the real name as a signature in English. However, it is usual to use not the real name but handle in Japanese online community. In an online community in Japan, the real name has been treated like "True Name" in the Ursula K. Le Guin's "Earthsea". "The person who knows the True Name can freely manipulate the owner of the name". Therefore, "True Name" is must not be revealed except the person who can trust. Similar philosophies or myths might exist in all parts of the world. Online community in Japan has a sense near this. Therefore, the real name is treated as secret and it should defend strongly. In Japan, exposing other person's real name is understood as a threat. And, a lot of people fear like "Next, it might be my True Name that is exposed".

Somewhat, it became a explanation like legend. However, the sense of the networker in Japan is such feeling. In fact, editing in JA-Wikipedia is almost done with handles, cases with real name can hardly be found.

Japanese Version[edit]



多少、神話的な説明になりました。しかし、わたしたち日本のネットワーカーの感覚は、こういうものなのです。事実、編集行為はほとんどハンドルで行われており、本名で編集している事例はほとんど見出すことができません。--Nekosuki600 13:33, 29 November 2007 (UTC)

  • I wrote this text first at there.
  • I deleted two sentences for generalization. --Nekosuki600 13:48, 1 December 2007 (UTC)

Why cannot Japanese read/write English well?[edit]

Another problem got apparent greatly this time. It was that there are a lot of Japanese-people who cannot speak English. The persons who want to participate in the compilation of an encyclopedia must be the intelligentsia to some degree. In META, I think that almost all users may think it is natural that intelligentsia can discuss in English. However, it doesn't apply to Japanese-people surprisingly and unfortunately. In Japan, people can handle almost all issues in Japanese language only, without relying on other languages. When a new concept appears, people make up a new Japanese word immediately. Many books are published in Japanese language, and ample knowledge can be obtained from books written in Japanese language. In Japan, most lectures, even in colleges and universities, both undergraduate and post-graduate, are conducted in Japanese language. Even in Japan-based companies that conduct worldwide business, we don't need to use English unless we actually travel or live outside Japan for the work. Therefore, almost all Japanese people do not feel the necessity for using English. As a result, we do not acquire adequate skills in English.

This is a serious problem not only on Wikimedia project but also on a lot of international matters. Japanese people must work on solving this communication ineffectiveness. However, I want you, non-Japanese speakers to remember the difficulty to know what majority of Japanese-people think as well. The route between Japanese speakers and English speakers is very narrow, weak and uncertain. Opinions of small number of Japanese-people who speak English and you have met by chance are not necessarily opinions of the majority of Japanese people. We should work mutually, and carefully.

This was very the first time to encounter META for a lot of Japanese Wikipedian. Thanks and our best regards in the future.

Japanese Version[edit]




今回の出来事は、多くの日本人ウィキペディアンにとって、METAとのはじめての遭遇でした。では、これからもよろしくお願いします。--Nekosuki600 13:33, 1 December 2007 (UTC)