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Me to Ben Stein on his show: "Quiet good taste is the key. Once I learned to avoid that, I could find a look that worked for me."]]

I am Michael James Lowrey, called "Orange Mike" because I like the color a lot and tend to wear at least a bit of it on most days which are not Saint Patrick's Day.

I am a Wikipedia administrator, with a tendency to spend a fair amount of time on new-page patrol and general clean-up. I am considered to be toward the "deletionist" end of the inclusionist-deletionist spectrum, because I believe that many articles there (including not only new ones but many existing ones) are violations of our standards: how-to guides and game manuals, fan trivia, in-universe fiction summaries, obscure porn actor biographies, politician self-aggrandisement, memorials, original essays masquerading as scholarship, etc. When I say I am a bit of a deletionist, I mean that I hold articles there to higher standards of notability, verifiability, etc. than some other editors. (And yes, our servers are overloaded, and the problem's not getting any better.) I'd rather see fewer articles, better researched and better written. I am really glad to help other editors in any way I can, though; and please don't hesitate to contact me.

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