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In this unit we Introduce the first Lua Module.

Introducing Lua[edit]

Lua is a relatively new scripting language. It has been used successfully in a number of situations. It has similar capabilities to Javascript but avoids most of it shortcomings. Lua is a small programming language. Its syntax resembles other languages.

The first lessons is a quick introduction aimed at absolute beginners.


  • Scribunto is the extension which when added to MediaWiki introduces support for scripting in Lua.
  • The official WMF test machine is at scribunto with the latest Lua integration support.
  • To work through this tutorial you will need to Create an account and Log into it.

Module Name Space[edit]

Lua modules are created in their own name space - the module name space. This allows the MediaWiki software to treat them different from other articles, talk pages and template.

Creating Hello World Lua[edit]

To create your first Lua module access scribunto and create a page called:

  • [[Module:Hello]].

Then add to it the following Lua code:

   local p = {}

   function p.hello()
      return 'Hello, world!'

   return p


Using Hello World Lua[edit]

To invoke hello world Lua use:

 {{#invoke: Hello | hello }}

and the result should look like:

Hello, world!

Readable Lua Code[edit]

You can document you code using short one line comments or longer multiline comments

   -- This is defines p as a local ?? definition
   local p = {}

      And This is a function definition.
      It uses p already defined
   function p.hello()
      return 'Hello, world!'

   return p

By adding comments and indenting the code with spaces you will make your code not only readable to others but also readable for yourself when you have to change it later.

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