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Research Tools & Resources[edit]

Ethnographic Research Resources[edit]

  • paper The making of an imagined community: The press as a mediator in ethnographic research into Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) Carles Salazar & Gemma Orobitg



  • Exponential Random Graph Models for Social Networks - Theory, Methods, and Applications - Dean Lusher & Johan Koskinen & Garry Robins
  • Models and Methods in Social Network Analysis - Carrington, Scott & Wasserman
  • Social Network Analysis Methods and Applications - Stanley Wasserman & Katherine Faust
  • Analyzing Social Media Networks With Nodexl - Derek L. Hansen & Ben Shneiderman & Marc A. Smith
  • Exploratory Social Network Analysis With Pajek - Wouter De Nooy & Andrej Mrvar & Vladimir Batagelj

FLOSS SNA Packages:

  • Introduction to SNA with R
  • PNet a program for the simulation and estimation of Exponential Random Graph (p*) Models.
  • Siena SNA using dynamics (time development).
  • Statnet - tools for the analysis, simulation and visualization of network data.
  • Pajek a program for large network analysis.

Other Concepts:

  • H-index of trees and graphs.
  • Network Motifs and ratios.