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User:Renklauf/Archive 3

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Week of April 8th

  • Necromancy experiment - boiler room, writing emails, data specifications, udp2log filters, civi
  • WikiSym Submission - write, review, submitted Friday April 13th

Monday, April 16th

  • Twinkle PROD experiment - debug data collection (API calls for diff text, "PROD" tag), execute data collection
  • Necromancy Retro
  • udp2log filters for necromancy taken offline
  • locate leaderboards literature - [1]

Tuesday, April 17th

  • Chicos welcome templates - postings generating
  • Write scripts to collect rev data for necromancy - started, in progress
  • analyses on Twinkle PROD if it completes - collecting revisions

Wednesday, April 18th

  • Start writing documentation for data-collection and storage for e3 (sphinx) - coordiante with Alolita, Dario
  • Finished Twinkle PROD data collection - results posted

Thursday, April 19th

  • Necromancy results
  • Welcome templates

Friday, April 20th

  • Welcome templates
  • ImageTagging and CorenSearch bots

Monday April 23rd

  • Setup data files for ImageTaggingBot and CorenSerchBot
  • Generating postings for welcome templates on PT wiki

Tuesday April 24th

  • contacted and worked with IT to replace machine
  • setup environment on new machine

Wednesday April 25th

  • setup environment
  • ImageTaggingBot analysis

Thursday April 26th

  • ImageTaggingBot Analysis - only a couple of the cases yielded interesting results, the
  • pre-berlin one on one with karyn

Friday April 27th

  • CorenSearchBot Analysis - there was a very small amount of data points for this template
  • huggle template results with howie