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I'm working for the foundation as a Research / Data Analyst you can find me at (ignore whitespace) r f a u l k n e r @ w i k i m e d i a . o r g

Monday September 10th[edit]

  • PEF-1 Analysis Follow-up
  • re-implement "bytes added" metric DONE
  • Use parent rev id to compute actual revision byte count
  • compile absolute, net, positive, and negative bytes added results
  • Migration of metrics and community analytics code to Git UNDERWAY

Tuesday September 11th[edit]

  • Finish off PEF-1 Analysis on clean dataset with latest metrics data DONE
  • Pending clean dataset on blocked users from Aaron
  • remove first edit from experimental users - this is a pre-feedback edit
  • Complete migration of metrics and community analytics code to Git UNDERWAY

Wednesday September 12th[edit]

  • Discuss Retention metric code with Giovanni and Dario DONE
  • 1K Editor counts for Maryana DONE
  • Revisit Edit Count Volume metric for PEF-1 UNDERWAY

Thursday September 13th[edit]

  • All Hands

Friday September 14th[edit]

  • All Hands

Monday September 17th[edit]

  • Work on touching up PEF-1 analysis write-up
  • link results to research questions DONE
  • add standard devs for bytes added table DONE
  • investigate max time to threshold values. why are they clustered at ~24hrs?
  • add treatment sizes to tables DONE
  • Implement a simple pythonic interface with Redis

Tuesday September 18th[edit]

  • Discussion with Dario and Aaron on PEF-1 conclusions and results to report DONE
  • Setting up unit tests in E3_Analysis environment UNDERWAY

Wednesday September 19th[edit]

  • Revisiting "bytes added" analysis and "edit count" analysis on PEF-1 DONE
  • debug issues with "time to threshold" - write unit tests DONE
  • regen time to threshold metrics DONE

Thursday September 19th[edit]

  • Help out Steven, Maryana, and Howie with 1K editors
  • Follow-up - produce 1K editors first day of edits byt hour
  • Normality testing for edit count and bytes added metrics for analysis DONE
  • chat with Aaron & Dario on PEF1 final analysis DONE

Friday September 21st[edit]

  • Regen PEF-1 analysis with user list limited to two weeks from registration DONE
  • Work on blog post for PEF1 with Dario DONE
  • Visualization for Bytes added DONE

Monday September 24th[edit]

  • Update stat1 docs DONE
  • Refactor R code for visualization UNDERWAY

Tuesday September 25th[edit]

  • Work on retention metrics - wrapper for Gio's queries
  • Meet with Ori, Dario, Howie on tagging experimental data with redis DONE
  • Play around with redis in prep for integrating with metrics code -- library installed locally
  • Refactor R code for visualization DONE