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Languages: Arabic (Native)
Interests: Tennis,
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
My Studying,
Voluntary Work,
Enrique Iglesias
Egypt "My Country"
Aleandria "My Town (The Best Town)"
Places I Want To visit it

About myself



I am Ahmed Abdel-Salam My Friends Call Me Sarouk7. Sarouk7 in Arabic Means Rocket in English My Birthday was in Alexandria 20/08/1990 in El-Shatbi Hospital and it's the next Building to The Bibliotheca Alexandrina maybe that's the reason I love The Bibliotheca That much I am Studying Engineering in Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University I also Work as a volunteer in bibliotheca Alexandrina Especially in the PSC I worked in more than 50 international and local Event (Conferences, Workshops, Festivities) and Also in wikimania 2008 it was the Best Conference in my Whole life I meet there a lot of nice people who Teaches me a lot in the Conference days as

I am the Third one from the Right

And more Sorry For the people I forget them but they are in the heart not the mind

My Contacts

  • Address: Miami, Alexandria, Egypt
  • E-mail: A7med_iglesias@yahoo.com
  • Facebook: Ahmed Abd el-salam My Profile

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This User loving His Study as Engineering
This User in Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
This User is the General Coordinator of Sketch your Future 2008 Conference
This User was Volunteer In The Wikimania 2008 Conference
This User is Volunteer in Bibliotheca Alexandrina
This User is Volunteer in Planetarium Science Center
This User lives in Alexandria
This User Wander in San Stefano