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There's no good place for these right now, so I'm keeping mine close at hand.


  • Section editing -- should include subsections in the resulting edit box. Done!

Page display[edit]

  • Should automatically display pages over 50k in ~30k chunks, chunked at a top-level section, when such sections exist. Standard "next/prev" links at

the bottom of the page should be autogenerated, and the TOC at the top of (each? the first?) page should list all sections on all page-segments. See w:en:Wikipedia:Long article layout

Special pages[edit]

  • Watchlist: option not to show own changes | option to summarize recent changes a la RC | option to color changes differently for changes by users in a customized list (can be locally processed)
  • More abbreviated options for Watchlist, RC, other auto-generateds.


MW needs many, many more flags.

  • User-Article connections noted by 3d-party user.
create table user-article-connections as {
  cnxn_id pk index;
  art_id fk references articles;
  user_id fk references users;
  observer_id fk references users;
  cnxn_type char(200);
  constraint cnxn_type in ("deep work", "edit war", "sneaky misdirection", ...);
  • Flags in the users' table for human-decided levels of trust
    "not a bot", "not a pure vandal", "vandalism", "spam", "sock", "many good edits" ...