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13 Giotto Italy 4
14 Donatello Republic of Florence 4
14 Jan van Eyck Southern Netherlands 4
15 Masaccio Italy 4
15 Filippo Lippi Republic of Florence 5
15 Giovanni Bellini Republic of Venice 5
15 Sandro Botticelli Italy 4
15 Hieronymus Bosch Southern Netherlands 4
15 Leonardo da Vinci Republic of Florence 3
15 Albrecht Dürer Duchy of Bavaria 4
15 Michelangelo Republic of Florence 3
15 Raphael Italy 4
15 Titian Republic of Venice 4
15 Hans Holbein the Younger Germany 4
16 Pieter Bruegel the Elder Duchy of Brabant 4
16 El Greco Spain 4
16 Caravaggio Duchy of Milan 4
16 Peter Paul Rubens Spanish Netherlands 4
16 Artemisia Gentileschi Italy 4
16 Nicolas Poussin France 4
16 Francisco de Zurbarán Spain 5
16 Gian Lorenzo Bernini Italy 4
16 Anthony Van Dyck Southern Netherlands 5
16 Diego Velázquez Spain 4
17 Claude Lorrain Duchy of Lorraine 5
17 Rembrandt Dutch Republic 3
17 Johannes Vermeer Dutch Republic 4
17 Canaletto Republic of Venice 5
17 William Hogarth United Kingdom 4
18 Johan Zoffany Germany -
18 Francisco Goya Spain 4
18 Jacques-Louis David France 4
18 William Blake United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 4
18 Caspar David Friedrich Germany 4
18 J. M. W. Turner Great Britain 4
18 John Constable Great Britain 4
18 Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres France 4
18 Eugène Delacroix France 4
19 Christen Købke Denmark
19 Gustave Courbet France 4
19 Camille Pissarro France 4
19 Édouard Manet France 4
19 William Morris United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 5
19 James Abbott McNeill Whistler United States of America 4
19 Edgar Degas France 4
19 Paul Cézanne France 4
19 Auguste Rodin France 4
19 Claude Monet France 3
19 Pierre-Auguste Renoir France 4
19 Henri Rousseau France 4
19 Ilya Repin Russian Empire 4
19 Peter Carl Fabergé Russian Empire 5
19 Paul Gauguin France 4
19 Vincent van Gogh Netherlands 3
19 John Singer Sargent United States of America 4
19 Georges Seurat France 4
19 Edvard Munch Norway 4
19 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Second French Empire 4
19 Akseli Gallen-Kallela Finland -
19 Wassily Kandinsky Russian Empire 4
19 Henri Matisse France 4
19 Piet Mondrian Kingdom of the Netherlands 4
19 Aubrey Beardsley United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 4
19 Nicholas Roerich Russian Empire 5
19 Constantin Brâncuși France 4
19 Kazimir Malevich Russian Empire 4
19 Paul Klee German Reich 4
19 Franz Marc German Empire 4
19 Jacob Epstein United States of America -
19 Pablo Picasso Spain 3
19 Edward Hopper United States of America 4
19 Marc Chagall France 4
19 Marcel Duchamp France 4
19 L. S. Lowry United Kingdom -
19 Georgia O'Keeffe United States of America 4
19 Jean Cocteau France 4
19 Max Ernst Germany 4
19 Joan Miró Spain 4
19 Norman Rockwell United States of America 4
19 M. C. Escher Kingdom of the Netherlands 4
19 Henry Moore United Kingdom 4
19 René Magritte Belgium 4
19 Mary Cassatt United States of America 5
19 Juan Gris Spain 5
19 Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 4
20 Alberto Giacometti Switzerland 4
20 Barbara Hepworth United Kingdom 5
20 Willem de Kooning United States of America 5
20 Salvador Dalí Spain 4
20 Francis Bacon Ireland 4
20 Jackson Pollock United States of America 4
20 Joseph Beuys Germany 4
20 Lucian Freud United Kingdom -
20 Roy Lichtenstein United States of America 5
20 Andy Warhol United States of America 4
20 Gerhard Richter Germany 4
20 David Hockney England 5
20 Anthony Gormley United Kingdom -
20 Jean-Michel Basquiat United States of America 5
20 Banksy United Kingdom 5


1036 Wang Shen Chinese Painting, Calligraphy
1037 Su Shi Chinese Painting, Calligraphy
1050 Li Tang Chinese Painting
1085 Zhang Zeduan Chinese Painting
1142 Fujiwara no Takanobu Japanese Painting
1150 Unkei Japanese Sculpture
1160 Ma Yuan Chinese Painting
1195 Xia Gui Chinese Painting
1200 Chen Rong Chinese Painting
1242 Yaqut Al Mustasimi Turkish/Arab Islamic calligraphy
1254 Ren Renfa Chinese Painting, Calligraphy
1254 Zhao Mengfu Chinese Painting, Calligraphy
1269 Huang Gongwang Chinese Painting
1280 Wu Zhen Chinese Painting
1301 Ni Zan Chinese Painting
1308 Wang Meng Chinese Painting
1414 Tenshō Shūbun Japanese Painting
1417 Gang Hui-an Korean Painting, Calligraphy
1436 Sheikh Hamdullah Turkish (Ottoman) Islamic calligraphy
1450 Kamāl ud-Dīn Behzād Persian Painting
15th Century Sultan Muhammad Persian Painting
1510 Mir Sayyid Ali Persian Painting
1556 Basawan Indian Painting
1560 Daswanth Indian Painting
1564 Xue Susu Chinese Painting
1565 Reza Abbasi Persian Painting
1570 Amanat Khan Shirazi Iranian Calligraphy
1573 Wu Bin Chinese Painting
1578 Iwasa Matabei Japanese Painting
1595 Govardhan Indian Painting
1598 Chen Hongshou Chinese Painting
16th Century Abd al-Samad Persian Painting
1626 Zhu Da (Bada Shanren) Chinese Painting, Calligraphy
1635 Zanabazar Mongolian Painting
17th Century Seyyid Kasim Gubari Turkish (Ottoman) Calligraphy
17th Century Abdulcelil Levni Turkish (Ottoman) Painting
17th century Bishandas Indian Painting
17th century Bichitr Indian Painting
18th Century Mihr 'Ali Persian Painting
1807 Shibata Zeshin Japanese Painting
1811 Raden Saleh Indonesian Painting
1842 Osman Hamdi Bey Turkish (Ottoman) Painting
1848 Kamal-Öl-Molk Iranian Painting
1848 Raja Ravi Varma Indian Painting
1861 Rabindranath Tagore Indian Painting
1864 Qi Baishi Chinese Painting
1871 Abanindranath Tagore Indian Painting
1874 Joaquín Torres-García Uruguayan-Spanish Painting, Sculpture, Illustration
1882 Nandalal Bose Indian Painting
1883 José Clemente Orozco Mexican Painting, Muralism
1886 Tarsila do Amara l Brazilian Painting
1886 Diego Rivera Mexican Painting
1889 Anita Malfatti Brazilian Painting
1891 John Dunkley Jamaican Painting
1894 Hossein Behzad Iranian Painting
1894 Irma Stern South African (German-Jewish) Painting
1895 Pan Yuliang Chinese Painting
1897 Abdul Rahman Chughtai Pakistani Painting
1897 Mahmoud Said (Sa'id) Egyptian Painting
1899 Rufino Tamayo Mexican Painting, Printmaking, Lithography, Drawing, Etching
1900 Edna Manley Jamaican Sculpture (also known for painting and drawing)
1902 Wifredo Lam Cuban Painting
1902 Albert Namatjira Aboriginal Australian Painting
1904 Abilkhan Kasteev Kazakhstani Painting
1907 Frida Kahlo Mexican Painting
1907 Sudhir Khastgir Indian Painting
1910 Emily Kame Kngwarreye Aboriginal Australian Painting
1910 Tran Van Can Vietnamese Painting
1911 Roberto Matta Chilean Painting
1912 George Pemba South African Painting
1913 Gerard Sokoto South African Painting
1913 Amrita Sher Gil Hungarian-Indian Painting
1914 Allan Houser Chiricahua Apache Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Murals
1914 Zainul Abedin Bangladeshi Painting, Drawing
1914 Anita Magsaysay-Ho Filipino Painting
1915 M. F. Husain Indian Painting
1916 Pudlo Pudlat Canadian Inuit Printmaking, Drawing
1917 Ben Enwonwu Nigerian Painting, Sculpture
1918 Luis Nishizawa Japanese-Mexican Painting, Ceramics
1918 Hatem El Mekki Tunisian Painting
1919 Rodrigo Arenas Betancort Colombian Sculpture
1919 Daphne Odjig Odawa-Potawatomi-English (Canadian) Painting
1919 Wu Guanzhong Chinese Painting
1919 Tahia Halim Egyptian Painting
1919 Jawad Saleem Iraqi-Turkish Painting, Sculpture
1922 Abdulmejid II Turkish (Ottoman) Painting
1922 Fateh Moudarres Syrian Painting, Drawing
1923 Sadequain Pakistani Calligraphy, Painting
1925 Abd al-Hadi El-Gazzar Egyptian Painting
1927 Kenojuak Ashevak Inuit Soapstone carving, Drawing, Etching, Stone-cut, Printmaking
1928 Mokarrameh Ghanbari Iranian Painting
1930 Ibrahim El-Salahi Sudanese Painting
1930 Napoleon Abueva Filipino Sculpture
1932 Afewerk Tekle Ethiopian Painting
1932 Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri Aboriginal Australian Painting
1932 Fernando Botero Colombian Painting, Sculpture
1933 Uche Okeke Nigerian Drawing
1935 Papa Ibra Tall Senegalese Tapestry weaving, Painting, and illustrating
1936 Malangatana Ngwenya Mozambican Painting
1937 Skunder Boghossian Ethiopian-Armenian Painting

western masterpieces[edit]

1070 Bayeux Tapestry embroidered tapestry depicting the Norman invasion of England 4
1480 The Birth of Venus painting by Sandro Botticelli 4
1490 The Garden of Earthly Delights Medieval triptych by Hieronymus Bosch 4
1490 The Last Supper (Leonardo) mural painting by Leonardo da Vinci 4
1597 Pietà (Michelangelo) sculpture by Michelangelo 4
1642 The Night Watch 1642 painting by Rembrandt 4
1789 Songs of Innocence and of Experience illuminated book by William Blake 4
1863 Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe painting by Édouard Manet 4
1882 The Thinker type of sculpture by Auguste Rodin 4
1889 The Starry Night painting by Vincent van Gogh 4
1895 The Scream group of paintings by Edvard Munch 4
1931 The Persistence of Memory painting by Salvador Dali 4
1937 Guernica (Picasso) oil painting by Pablo Picasso 4
1942 Nighthawks (painting) 1942 oil on canvas painting by Edward Hopper 4
1434 Arnolfini Portrait 1434 painting by Jan van Eyck 4
1914 Water Lilies (Monet series) series of approximately 250 paintings by Claude Monet 4
1425 The Tribute Money (Masaccio) fresco by Masaccio 5
1432 Ghent Altarpiece polyptych by Hubert van Eyck and Jan van Eyck 5
1445 David (Donatello) bronze statue by Donatello 5
1500 David (Michelangelo) statue by Michelangelo 5
1501 Triptych of the Temptation of St. Anthony triptych by Hieronymus Bosch, Lisbon 5
1503 Mona Lisa oil painting by Leonardo da Vinci 5
1509 Sistine Chapel ceiling painted ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City 5
1512 The School of Athens fresco by Raphael 5
1523 Bacchus and Ariadne painting by Titian 5
1535 The Burial of the Count of Orgaz painting by El Greco 5
1539 The Last Judgement (Michelangelo) Sistine Chapel fresco by Michelangelo Buonarroti 5
1563 The Tower of Babel (Bruegel) three paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder 5
1565 The Hunters in the Snow painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder 5
1595 The Musicians (Caravaggio) painting by Caravaggio 5
1610 The Elevation of the Cross (Rubens) triptych by Peter Paul Rubens in Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp 5
1656 Las Meninas painting by Diego Velazquez 5
1665 Girl with a Pearl Earring painting by Johannes Vermeer 5
1732 A Harlot's Progress series of paintings and engravings by William Hogarth 5
1750 Mr and Mrs Andrews painting by Thomas Gainsborough 5
1793 The Death of Marat painting of Jean-Paul Marat lying dead in his bathtub by Jacques-Louis David in 1793 5
1814 Grande Odalisque painting by Ingres 5
1819 The Raft of the Medusa painting by Théodore Géricault 5
1821 The Hay Wain painting by John Constable 5
1830 Liberty Leading the People painting by Eugène Delacroix 5
1834 The Martyrdom of Saint Symphorian painting by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres 5
1851 Washington Crossing the Delaware (1851 painting) painting by Emanuel Leutze 5
1862 Symphony in White, No. 1: The White Girl painting by James Abbott McNeill Whistler 5
1875 The Gross Clinic painting by Thomas Eakins 5
1884 Portrait of Madame X portrait painting by John Singer Sargent 5
1897 Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? painting by Paul Gauguin 5
1907 The Kiss (Klimt) painting by Gustav Klimt 5
1911 I and the Village painting by Marc Chagall 5
1912 Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 painting by Marcel Duchamp 5
1913 Composition VII painting by Wassily Kandinsky 5
1919 The Ambassadors (Holbein) painting by Hans Holbein the Younger 5
1923 Bird in Space sculpture by Constantin Brâncusi 5
1930 American Gothic painting by Grant Wood 5
1948 Christina's World painting by Andrew Wyeth 5
1330 Navicella (mosaic) mosaic by Giotto di Bondone 5
1470 Saint George and the Dragon (Uccello) 1470s painting by Uccello 5
1514 The Feast of the Gods painting by Giovanni Bellini and Titian 5
1537 Portrait of Henry VIII lost painting by Hans Holbein the Younger 5
1608 The Beheading of St John the Baptist (Caravaggio) painting by Caravaggio 5
1612 Judith Slaying Holofernes (Artemisia Gentileschi, Naples) painting by Artemisia Gentileschi 5
1624 The Rape of Proserpina Sculpture by Gianlorenzo Bernini 5
1635 Charles I in Three Positions painting by Anthony van Dyck 5
1660 The Four Seasons (Poussin) series of four paintings by Nicolas Poussin 5
1667 Wanderer above the Sea of Fog oil painting by Caspar David Friedrich 5
1753 Veiled Christ sculpture by Giuseppe Sanmartino 5
1766 The Swing (Fragonard) oil painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1767) 5
1801 Napoleon Crossing the Alps series of paintings by Jacques-Louis David in 5 versions 5
1814 The Third of May 1808 painting by Francisco de Goya 5
1840 The Slave Ship painting by Joseph Mallord William Turner 5
1841 Le Désespéré painting by Gustave Courbet 5
1848 Le génie du mal religious sculpture by Guillaume Geefs 5
1851 Ophelia (painting) painting by John Everett Millais 5
1857 The Gleaners painting by Jean-François Millet 5
1858 The Bellelli Family painting by Edgar Degas 5
1859 The Kiss (Hayez) painting by Francesco Hayez 5
1870 Barge Haulers on the Volga painting by Ilya Repin 5
1877 Côte des Bœufs at L'Hermitage painting by Camille Pissarro 5
1880 Luncheon of the Boating Party painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir 5
1884 Bathers at Asnières painting by Georges Seurat 5
1885 Fabergé egg Jeweled Easter eggs mostly commissioned by the Czar of Russia 5
1887 Girl with Peaches painting by Valentin Serov 5
1887 Luxembourg Gardens, Paris painting by Albert Edelfelt 5
1890 At the Moulin Rouge, The Dance painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 5
1891 Tiger in a Tropical Storm painting by Henri Rousseau 5
1893 The Card Players painting series by Paul Cézanne 5
1895 The Bronco Buster sculpture by Frederic Remington 5
1898 The Mature Age sculpture by Camille Claudel 5
1909 Dance (Matisse) two related paintings made by Henri Matisse 5
1915 Black Square (painting) painting by Kazimir Malevich 5
1917 Nu couché painting by Amedeo Modigliani 5
1919 Gassed (painting) oil painting by John Singer Sargent 5
1920 The Farm (Miró) oil painting made by Joan Miró 5
1921 The Elephant Celebes surreal painting by Max Ernst 5
1922 Twittering Machine painting by Paul Klee 5
1926 Black Iris (painting) painting by Georgia O'Keeffe 5
1929 The Treachery of Images painting by René Magritte depicting a smoking pipe 5
1935 Composition with Red Blue and Yellow painting by Piet Mondrian 5
1947 L'Homme au doigt sculpture by Alberto Giacometti 5
1948 No. 5, 1948 painting by Jackson Pollock 5
1948 Family Group (Moore) sculpture series by Henry Moore 5

non-western masterpieces[edit]

Date of creation Title Artist Place Medium
1000-1600 Hoa Hakananai'a Hoa Hakananai'a islanders Easter Island Sculpture, Flow lava material
1037-1101 Wood and Rock Su Shi China Ink, Colour/Paper
11th Century Shaka rising from the Gold Coffin Unknown Japan Hanging scroll, color on silk
1100-1200 Scrolls of Frolicking Animals and Humans Toba Sojo Japan ink and colors on paper
12th Century Green Tara Unknown Tibet Painting
12th Century Shiva Nataraja, Lord of the Dance Unknown India Sculpture, Copper alloy
12th Century Indian stele depicting Shiva & Parvati Unknown India Sculpture
1206 The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices Ismail al-Jazari Jazira Miniature paintings
1236-37 Maqāma of Al-Hariri Yahya ibn Mahmud al-Wasiti Iraq Manuscript illuminated
1244 Nine Dragons Chen Rong China Ink and color on Xuan paper
1255-1327 Five Drunken Kings Return on Horses Ren Renfa China Ink, Colour/Paper
13-14th Century Bronze Head from life Yoruba people Nigeria Copper Alloy Sculpture
1348-1420 Dwellings in the Fushun Mountains Huang Gongwang China Ink/Paper
1350 Zhichuan Resettlement Wang Meng China Ink/Paper
Early 14th Century Rashid al-Din's Compendium Rashid-al-Din Hamadani Persia Illustrated manuscripts
14th Century Nachi Falls Unknown Japan Hanging Scroll, Colour on silk
Early 15th Century Giant Uj and the Prophets Unknown Iraq or Iran ink, gold and opaque watercolour on paper
15th/16th century Codex Borbonicus Aztec priests Mexico Painting
15th Century Lamdre Lineage (sculpture set) Khyentse Chenmo Tibet Sculpture
15th/16th century Aztec Double headed snake Unknown Mexico Sculpture
16th Century Houghton Shahnameh A wide variety of artists with many specialties Iran (Persia) Manuscript
16th Century Alexander Visits the Kaaba Unknown Iran (Persia) Opaque watercolor, ink and gold on paper
1525–35 The Mi'raj or The Night Flight of Muhammad on his Steed Buraq Sultan Muhammad Nur Iran (Persia) Ink, gold, and colors on paper
1539-40 The Ardabil Carpet Unknown Iran (Persia) Carpet
circa 1564 The Rukh Carries Hamza to his Home Daswant in collaboration with Shravan India Opaque pigments on canvas
1590s A Young Lady Reclining After a Bath Muhammad Mu’mim Afganistan Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper
1609-16 Ceiling of the Blue Mosque Seyyid Kasim Gubari Turkey (Ottoman) Painting on the ceiling
1626 Youth reading Reza Abbasi Iran (Persia) Miniature
1640 The Mazarin Chest Unknown Japan Chest: wood covered in black lacquer with gold and silver hiramakie and takamakie lacquee
1698 The Virgin of Guadalupe Miguel Gonzalez Mexico Painting, Oil/Canvas, wood
17th Century Scene in and around the capital Unknown Japan Pair of six-panel folding screens; ink, color, gold, and gold leaf on paper
17th-18th century Album of Mughal Portraits Jahangir Mughal Brown morocco binding with gilt stamped medallions and borders
1711 Album of Mount Geumgang (Pungak-docheop) Jeong Seon Korea Six leaves from a fourteen-leaf album; ink and light color on silk
1740-50 Marriage Procession of Dara Shikoh Unknown India Painting
1751 Portraits of Periodical Offering Xie Sui China Ink, Colour/Paper
1760-1780 Ndop of king Mishe miShyaang maMbul Kuba people of Central Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo Figurative Sculpture
1777 The Mexican Castes Ignacio María Barreda Mexico Painting, Oil/Canvas
18th Century Dalai Lama Incarnation Lineage Unknown Tibet Paintings
1791-92 Sitarah made for the Mosque of the Prophet in Medina Unknown Turkey (Ottoman) Textile
1809-10 Portrait of Fath Ali Shah Standing Mihr 'Ali Persia Painting, Oil/Canvas
1829–33 The Great Wave off Kanagawa Hokusai Japan Color Woodblock
1845 Mecca Panorama Muhammad ‘Abdallah Saudi Arabia ink and opaque watercolour on paper
1851 Portrait of Manuelita Rosas Prilidiano Pueyrredon Argentina Painting, Oil/Canvas
1857 The Arrest of Pangeran Diponegoro Raden Saleh Indonesia Painting, Oil/Canvas
1867–76 Red silk mahmal Unknown Egypt mahmal cover, banners and finial banners of red silk
1870 Shakuntala Raja Ravi Verma India Painting, Oil/Canvas
1880 Girl Reciting Qur'an Osman Hamdi Bey Turkey Painting, Oil/Canvas
1880 Ledger drawing of Haokah Black Hawk United States Drawing
1887 The Maid Awakens Eduardo Sivori Argentina Painting, Oil/Canvas
1888-90 Waves Shibata Zeshin Japan Painting, Oil/Canvas
1890 Pair of Samurai Figures Unknown Japan bronze, thick gilding, silver and shakudo
1893 Khalili Imperial Garniture Japanese Imperial commission during the Meiji era Japan Cloisonné enamel on copper
1898 Haremde Goethe Abdulmejid II Ottoman Painting, Oil/Canvas
1899 The Doshan Tappeh Street Kamal-ol-molk Persia Painting, Oil/Cotton Duck
1905 Bharat Matha Abindranath Tagore India Painting, Watercolours
1922-25 Bed of Arrows Gaganendran ath Tagore India watercolour and gouache on paper laid on cardboard
1925 Twelve Landscape Screens Qi Baishi China Ink, Colour/Paper
1925 Bachué Rómulo Rozo Colombia Granite Carving
1928 Farm Jonkershoek with Twin Peaks Beyond, Stellenbosch Jacob Hendrik Pierneef South Africa Painting, Oil/Canvas
1929-35 The History of Mexico Diego Rivera Mexico Mural
1930 Image actions Mahatma Gandhi (Bapuji) on the Dandi March Nandalal Bose India Linocut print on paper
1931 Construccion en blanco Joaquín Torres-García Uruguay Painting, Oil/Canvas
1933 Self Portrait Amrita Sher-Gil India Painting, Oil/Canvas
1934 Les Chadoufs Mahmoud Saiid Egypt Painting, Oil/Panel
1934 The People and its Leaders José Clemente Orozco Mexico Mural
1935 Maria Assumpta Basuki Abdullah Indonesia Painting, Oil/Canvas
1936 Birth of Fascism David Alfaro Siqueiros Mexico Painting, pyroxylin, masonite
1940s Hill Fair Mookherjea Sailoz India Painting, Oil/Card
1942 The Barber Shop Cundo Bermúdez Cuba Painting, Oil/Canvas
1943 Little Girl Thuy Tran Van Can Vietnam Painting, Oil/Canvas
1943 Omi Obini Wilfredo Lam Cuba Painting, Oil/Canvas
1944 Two Young Girls and a Kid To Ngoc Van Vietnam Painting, Oil/Canvas
1945 Arab Priest Irma Stern South Africa Painting, Oil/Canvas
1945-46 Glow of Hope S. L. Haldankar India Painting, Watercolours
1946 Ramayana Jamini Roy India Painting, Oil/Canvas
1947 The Song of the Pick Gerard Sokoto South Africa Painting, Oil/Canvas
1948 Masacre del 9 de abril Débora Arango Colombia Painting, Oil/Canvas
1949 Garden of Eden George Pemba South Africa Painting, Oil/Board
1955 Birth F N Souza Indian Painting, Oil/Board
1959 Washing of the feet Anita Magsaysay - Ho Philippine Painting, Oil/Canvas
1960s Blue Composition Alexander "Skunder" Boghossian Ethiopia Acrylic, gouache and air brush on panel in artist's frame
1960 Horses M.F. Husain India Painting, Oil/Canvas
1961 Man Carrying Reluctant Wife Pudlo Pudlat Canada Drawing-Watercolor, Stencil
1961 Self-Portrait of Suffering Ibrahim El-Salahi Sudan Painting, Oil/Canvas
1962 Metro Ride Demas Nwoko Nigeria Painting, Oil/Canvas
1965 Adam and Eve Uche Okeke Nigeria Painting, Oil/Board
1965 The Construction of the Suez Canal Abdul Hadi El-Gazzar Egypt Watercolour, gouache and ink on paper
1969-89 Centre South North Spring Garden Nguyễn Gia Trí Vietnam Painting, Oil/Canvas
1971 Honey ant dreaming Kaapa Tjampitjinpa Australia Mural
1973 Beef Issue at Fort Sill T. C. Cannon United States Acrylic on Canvas
1973 Tutu Ben Enwonwu Nigeria Print Multiple
1973 Sadequain Mural Quest for Knowledge Sadequain Pakistan Painting, Oil/Canvas
1977 Warlugulong Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri Australia Painting, OIl/Canvas
1977 Defender of His Country Afewerk Tekle Ethiopia Painting, Oil/Canvas
1980 Bindu S.H. Raza India Serigraph (Silk Screen on Paper)
1984 Five Stories Michael Nelson Jagamara Australia Painting, OIl/Canvas
1986 Silent in Our Beauty We Stand Daphne Odjig Canada Painting, Acrylic/canvas
1990 Lament Allan Houser United States Sculpture, Bronze
1991 Kame-Summer Awelye II Emily Kame Kngwarreye Australia Painting, Oil/Canvas
1992 Sarajevo Omar El-Nagdi Egypt oil on canvas, in three parts