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Pi.1415926535 block terms[edit]

  • "While your productive contributions to Commons are wonderful, you seem unable to maintain any amount of general kindness and civility. "
    • given the fact that you and I were arguing against a betacommand sock at the arts on the line article, it is ironic you should be enforcing a betacommand inspired block that started at that argument.
  • Complete restraint from personal insults and combative behavior, broadly defined. This is intentionally much stricter than the standards for editors as a whole on Commons - until you demonstrate that you can interact in an generally appropriate behavior, you must avoid rudeness altogether. If what you have to say is not obviously useful and kind, simply do not say it. Frankly, your best course of action would be to avoid community boards altogether for a while unless you have something unambiguously helpful (like "Here's a tool that can help with the technical problem you're having") to say.
    • comply
  • Refraining from sockpuppetry on Commons, and refraining from using Commons to assist your enwiki sockpuppetry whatsoever. While Commons does not import sanctions from other projects, we also will not be a safe haven to enable block evasion.
    • comply
  • Use of edit summaries for all edits.
    • comply
  • Use of proper punctuation and capitalization in talk page and community board posts.
    • comply
  • Removal of "Sander.v.Ginkel's revenge" from your signature - implying that you intend to continue the behavior of a community-banned user is not acceptable. "
    • comply



Rage Sorrow.

"no consensus to unblock, especially per m:User:Slowking4/wikicommons has cancer. I do not understand, why do you want to be in place with "toxic battleground culture". For example I am in Commons, because it has no battleground culture, if compared with other projects. As Jeff pointed, word "revenge" in signature is strange. Maybe Commons feels to you as battleground, because you consider yourself a revenger? I do not want to revenge anything and for me Commons is wonderful place with a lot of good images."

here are citations to support the thesis of battleground culture"
  • 2014 wikimania [ [1]
    • Nobody (in the room) thinks commons has a good user experience [2]
  • 2015 wikimania [3] Who thinks Commons is good?
    • 50/50 ; necessary evil
    • about a third thinks 'commons is broken'
    • users often complain not about technical problems but about COMMUNITY ISSUES: are we too extreme on Commons with licensing issues
    • Commons admins have a very bad reputation within some communities (i.e. Polish Wikipedia community)
    • People perceive Commons admins act as if they knew better about local law than the respective communities [4]
  • 2021 "In at least one case, Wikimedia Commons, multiple interviewees pointed out that users with long histories of abuse, to the point of being banned from other Wikimedia projects, were allowed to engage in similar behaviors on Commons." [5]
do you have any citations where anyone has ever said, "wonderful place with a lot of good images"

Please remove any references to other users like "Rama's revenge" and "Sander.v.Ginkel's revenge"


the user edited m:User:Slowking4/wikicommons has cancer