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Pi.1415926535 block terms[edit]

  • "While your productive contributions to Commons are wonderful, you seem unable to maintain any amount of general kindness and civility. "
    • i am productive wherever i go, and i adopt the code of conduct of wherever i go. i win awards for collaboration. since there is no code of conduct or civility enforcement on this project, i adopt that lack of civility standard.
    • you say, "I believe this persistent sockpuppetry for the sole purpose of enwiki block evasion is reason enough for Slowking4 to be indefinitely blocked on Commons"[1] did you pre-judge this case? given that comment, are you not involved?
  • Complete restraint from personal insults and combative behavior, broadly defined. This is intentionally much stricter than the standards for editors as a whole on Commons - until you demonstrate that you can interact in an generally appropriate behavior, you must avoid rudeness altogether. If what you have to say is not obviously useful and kind, simply do not say it. Frankly, your best course of action would be to avoid community boards altogether for a while unless you have something unambiguously helpful (like "Here's a tool that can help with the technical problem you're having") to say.
    • i will refrain from making any comment on a talk page again.
  • Refraining from sockpuppetry on Commons, and refraining from using Commons to assist your enwiki sockpuppetry whatsoever. While Commons does not import sanctions from other projects, we also will not be a safe haven to enable block evasion.
    • you are importing sanctions. i will refrain from sock editing on commons; the sock account uploads were less than .3% of total uploads; not for the sole purpose of enwiki block evasion, but rather pure laziness, given the universal login; these are images in use, that have not been deleted.
  • Use of edit summaries for all edits.
    • i will refrain from any edit requiring an edit summary: you may cleanup the Jan Arkesteijn backlog yourself. uploads will have "automated summaries" by each upload tool.
  • Use of proper punctuation and capitalization in talk page and community board posts.
    • i will refrain from making any comment requiring punctuation on a talk page again.
  • Removal of "Sander.v.Ginkel's revenge" from your signature - implying that you intend to continue the behavior of a community-banned user is not acceptable. "
    • you may not be ashamed of the Sander.v.Ginkel affair: i am. (a banned admin mass deleted 12000 articles on a tissue of lies); i will be changing elsewhere to "Rama's revenge"; i will refrain from making any comment to be signed on a talk page again. please make a note of it.

Jeff G comments[edit]

  • I have a long history of trying to constructively interact with @Slowking4, starting in 2016 with this edit which culminated in the exchange [2] documented here. [3]
    • i would not call the adversive warnings to be constructive, but rather alternating w:Sealioning, as here, and censorious.
  • Our next involvements, in 2017, centered around the excessive length of his talk page, starting with @Steinsplitter's #‎Template include size is exceeded and continuing with my #User talk page length (in which I measured it at 1600 kB file size and 295 kB wikitext), my request to fix the problem with @JuTa's notifications not working, and my reply to the his section about "ip archiver",[4] to which he replied that I had a "bad attitude" and I should "stay off of [his] talk page" in this edit.[5]
    • see my response to others: "seems like a code problem to me. was the Commons:Lua supposed to fix it? i think my talk page is a fine illustration of "deletion before collaboration". wouldn't want to change a thing." others said: "Good point. Like any editor, JuTa is responsible for whatever he posts, whether it's tool- assisted or not." ; and three years later, you said: "So fix it." [6]
  • I next delivered a Template:Be civil final warning in this edit and was promptly reverted in the next edit with summary "do not sea lion me - do not template the regulars". He then proceeded to remove the archiving template and restore from 3 archives in the following 4 edits. I then delivered a manual (due to page size) civility "Final warning" in this edit and was again promptly reverted in this edit with summary "no you are sea lioning. you do not have a civil space. do not patronize me". I don't fully understand this "sea lioning" accusation. Thankfully, in the next edit, he re-enabled archiving, but with a surprisingly low 1 day cutoff.[7]
    • equating talk page archiving with incivility is a novel interpretation of policy. "surprisingly low", that's interesting, you were fine with the archiving, until this month when you reverted the archiving you insisted on.
  • I then in 2018 notified him about Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:Cosplay of Elsa (Disney) in this edit and got no response.[8]
    • mass deletion in deference to disney was rebuffed; file by Gage Skidmore was kept, no action required.
  • I then notified him about Commons:Deletion requests/File:Adminpedia-image.png in this edit and got no response.[9]
    • you nominated an image on my user page, with the rationale "Very low quality, in poor taste", others intervened, "Poor taste (NSFW, you have been warned) can never be a reason for deletion. (remember that famous line Voltaire never said?) The quality is not "very low"? Maybe the font could be a bit better, but very low? 468px is IIRC a standard banner resolution. The puzzle globe is extremely blocky, but that's obviously on purpose. And blocky as that globe is it can't be copyvio regardless of circumstances. (satire/parody is actually specifically allowed by the WMF) So what is left? COM:SCOPE? That specifically says "The uploading of small numbers of images (e.g. of yourself) for use on a personal user page of Commons or another project is allowed as long as that user is or was an active participant on that project." - file kept; no action required.
  • I then started what became Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/User problems/Archive 68#Slowking4 (in which I referenced Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/User problems/Archive 33#User:Slowking4, Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/User problems/Archive 61#Slowking4, and Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/User problems/Archive 64#User:Slowking4, all of which did not involve me) about his incivility, and notified him about it in this edit, and a discussion culminated in the section here. The welcome was here.
  • We then had a congenial discussion which culminated in the section here.[10]
    • you interposed yourself in a conversation between another editor and me.
  • I then notified him of the need for a source for File:Flag, Detroit, Mich. 1a35405v.jpg in this edit, with no response.
    • you flagged an image as having no source, when it had a source, and another editor reverted you. no action required.
  • I then started what became Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/User problems/Archive 72#Slowking4 again (in which I referenced the above mentioned Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/User problems/Archive 68#Slowking4) about more of his incivility, and manually notified him about it in this edit, with no response.
  • I then notified him of the possible copyright violation at File:Advertising for Donald Duck (Anders And) on the tram in Copenhagen 1960.jpg in this edit, with no response.
    • i uploaded a file from stockholm transport museum with "no known copyright" [11] - file deleted, no action required.
  • I then warned him about adding Template:FlickrVerifiedByUploadWizard in these edits, and a discussion culminated in the section #Warning.[12] [13]
    • you warned me about a bug in the upload wizard interaction with the verification. apparently the permissions were hacked up. i gave some screen shots, and the flickr upload permissions were fixed by others.
  • That brings us to 2019 and the current section, which I notified him about in this edit, with no response from him.
    • you left out this interaction here - you nominated a photo by me of a macarthur fellow and then took it back out of process [14] - you then asserted a OTRS trumped a CC license. [15]
  • More recently, he made these edits to a closed VP section bounded by Template:Atop and Template:Abot [16]
    • user:Pi.1415926535 closed a VP discussion after 1 day [17] i take exception to that, even if the newbie was trolling.
    • as a addendum: Global lock for Slowking4 for a non-admin, this user likes to over-reach in use of tools. this action gives the game away: the reason to block on commons, is to lead to global ban