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Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Community Support Fund FY 2024
start date2024-04-01
end date2024-12-31
budget (local currency) 
amount requested (USD) USD
grant typeWikimedia Affiliate (chapter, thematic org., or user group)
funding regionunknown region
decision fiscal year2023-24
funding program roundundefined round
organization (if applicable)Wikimedia Community User Group Nigeria

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Applicant information[edit]

Organization name or Wikimedia Username for individuals. (required)
Wikimedia Community User Group Nigeria
Do you have any approved General Support Fund requests? (required)
Yes, I have already applied and received a General Support Fund
You are applying as a(n). (required)
Wikimedia Affiliate (chapter, thematic org., or user group)
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Do you have a fiscal sponsor?
Fiscal organization name.

Main proposal[edit]

1. Please state the title of your proposal. This will also be a title for the Meta-Wiki page. (required)
Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Community Support Fund FY 2024
2. Do you want to apply for the multi-year funding or renewal process? (required)
Yes, consider this as a renewal application for one year
2.1. For how many years of multi-year funding are you applying? (required)
2.2. Provide a brief overview of Year 2 and Year 3 of the proposed plan and how this relates to the current proposal and your strategic plan? (required)


3. Proposed start date. (required)
4. Proposed end date. (required)
5. Does your organization or group have an Affiliate or Organizational Annual Plan that can help us understand your proposal? If yes, please provide it. (required)
6. Does your affiliate, organization or group have a Strategic Plan that can help us understand your proposal? If yes, please provide it. (required)
Strategic Plan for Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Inc- FY 2024 1. Executive Summary: The Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Inc (WUG NG) is committed to promoting open knowledge, free content, and collaborative projects within Nigeria. This strategic plan outl
7. Where will this proposal be implemented? (required)
8. What are your programs, approaches, and strategies? What are the challenges that you are trying to address and how will your strategies support you in addressing these challenges? (required)

The following are the challenges we plan to address and the strategies we plan to adopt to solve them.

  1. There are challenges with the availability and quality of openly licensed images and video to improve Wikimedia projects.

Our team intends to participate in all the international Wiki Loves competitions to help gather thematic content for re-use on Wikipedia and its sister projects. e.g., Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Women, WPWP, Wiki4NaijaWomen, etc. Challenges to solves

  1. We understand that Nigerian lecturers are closer to their students than most experienced Wikipedians and that this relationship can help train Nigerian students about Wikipedia. Still, many of these lecturers need to gain the requisite skills in Wikipedia knowledge.

We plan to introduce Wiki-Academy; this idea will focus on recruiting new members into the community by designing tailor-made/hands-on Training for exposing Wikipedia and its sister projects to prospective members. Participants will go through Training, mentoring, and certification programs.

  1. After our recent survey, Many experienced editors stated they need to upskill their knowledge about Wikipedia and its sister project to improve their participation on Wiki and transfer the skills to their immediate community.

We plan to continue the deployment of our Training The Trainers Program. This idea intends to organize various in-person and hands-on training programs in regions with an obvious need for the upskilling of experienced editors.

  1. We have identified a huge gender disparity in male-to-female content on Wikipedia and its sister projects.

We plan to continue our Advocacy programs such as (WIki4NaijaWomen, Women in History, and Contemporary Women): We intend to use this program to engage and enlighten public members through various social media engagements tailored to address gender inequality and promote a specific area of knowledge gaps.

  1. There is a volume of laudable programs funded by WMF in the past that can be replicated by new generations of Wikimedians that are unknown to them, which can help to improve the sum of human knowledge in the Global South and other less privileged communities across the movement.

We plan to continue with the pilot of the Knowledge Transfer Initiative, where past and important Projects are identified, develop a training model around it, and Wikimedians interested in learning about the Project.

  1. There needs to be more resources on African indigenous languages on Wikipedia.

Our team intends to continue documenting the oral history of the indigenous languages in Nigeria through audiovisual methods to make them available for use on Wikipedia and its sister project and donate them for use by research institutes and educational institutions.

  1. Wikimedia Nigeria community is one of the fastest-growing communities in the movement. This phase is incidental to our community's huge demand for WMF grants. However, many of our people could not access the grant because of the technicality involved in this process.

We plan to continue our Community support initiative: This idea will make available funds to members of our community to implement mini-projects.

  1. Nigeria community is one of the largest communities in the movement, but there is no single platform for our community to share ideas and information.

We intend to continue with our Naija Office Hours. The Naija Office Hours is a bi-monthly meetup designed by the Nigerian Wikimedia community to create an informed environment among its members through strategically engaging resource persons in a specific field to enrich its members.

  1. In our last 2022-2023 FYA, we identified the need to recruit an officer to manage the grant-making process in our community and the Learning and Evaluation of our Project.

Considering the significant success that we have achieved in this process, we intend to continue their services.

9. What categories are your main programs and related activities under? Please select all that apply. (required)
Category Yes/No
Education Yes
Culture, heritage or GLAM Yes
Gender and diversity Yes
Community support and engagement Yes
Participation in campaigns and contests Yes
Public policy advocacy Yes
Other No


9.1.1. Select all your programs and activities for Education. (required)
Wiki Club, Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom or other Reading/Evaluating Wikipedia Training, Editing Wikipedia Training, Translation, Wikidata programs, Wikimedia Commons programs
Other programs and activities if any: N/A
9.1.2. Select all relevant audience groups for Education. (required)
Vocational, tertiary, or higher education, Teachers or professors, Senior citizens
Other groups if any: N/A

Culture, heritage or GLAM

9.2. Select all your programs and activities for Culture, heritage or GLAM. (required)
Documenting or incubating languages on Wikimedia projects, Introducing new approaches to underrepresented culture and heritage, e.g. decolonising or reparative work; oral and visual knowledge; outreach to communities of origin, indigenous and first nations self-determination, Supporting institutions to open up their collections, data, metadata, and research, Supporting GLAM professionals to incorporate use of Wikimedia in their work, through documentation, training, or Wikimedian in Residence programs, Partnering with institutions, professional associations, and allied organizations to raise awareness of open culture, ethical sharing, and related issues
Other programs and activities if any: N/A

Gender and diversity

9.3. Select all your programs and activities for Gender and diversity.
Bringing in women and/or gender diverse participants and editors, Focusing on creating content about women and/or gender diverse groups, including biographies, intersectional topic areas and/or adding images, Focusing on creating content about marginalized (underrepresented) communities and their knowledge, Focusing on knowledge equity by bringing in contributors from underrepresented communities
Other programs and activities if any: N/A

Community support and engagement

9.4. Select all your programs and activities for Community support and engagement.
On-wiki training of community members, Off-wiki training of community members, Organizing meetups, conferences, and community events, Supporting community members' participation in events and conferences, Offering microgrants and other financial support to community members , Offering non financial support and services to community members (equipment, space, books, etc.)
Other programs and activities if any: N/A

Participation in campaigns and contests

9.5. Select all campaigns that apply. (required)
1Lib1Ref, Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Monuments, WikiForHumanRights, WikiGap
Other programs and activities if any: N/A

Public policy advocacy

9.6. Describe your Public policy advocacy work and actions in detail. (required)
Open Knowledge Access Nigeria (OKAN) Campaign"
  1. Objective: The objective of the "Open Knowledge Access Nigeria (OKAN) Campaign" is to promote public policies and legal frameworks that enhance access to and sharing of knowledge, culture, and information in Nigeria, aligning with Wikimedia's mission to disseminate free knowledge.

  1. Key Advocacy Areas and Strategies:

Open Access Legislation: Advocate for the development and passage of open access legislation or policies that promote the free and open sharing of research, educational materials, and cultural resources. Highlight the benefits of open access for education, innovation, and economic growth.

Copyright Reform: Collaborate with government agencies and stakeholders to reform copyright laws and regulations in Nigeria, ensuring they strike a balance between protecting creators' rights and enabling broader access to knowledge. Advocate for the adoption of flexible licensing options like Creative Commons.

Digital Literacy and Education: Advocate for policies that promote digital literacy and the integration of digital skills into the education curriculum at all levels. Encourage the government to support initiatives that improve access to online educational resources, including Wikimedia projects.

Government Data Openness: Promote policies that require government agencies to release data and information in open and machine-readable formats. Encourage the use of Wikimedia Commons as a platform for sharing government-related images and documents.

Libraries and Cultural Institutions: Advocate for increased funding and support for libraries, museums, and cultural institutions. Emphasize the role of these institutions in preserving and sharing Nigeria's cultural heritage and history, which can be contributed to Wikimedia projects.

Local Language Content: Advocate for policies that support the creation and dissemination of knowledge in local Nigerian languages. Encourage government agencies, schools, and content creators to contribute to Wikimedia projects in local languages.

Government Engagement: Establish dialogues and partnerships with government officials, policymakers, and relevant ministries to present the case for open knowledge access and the role Wikimedia projects can play in achieving this goal.

Public Awareness Campaigns: Launch public awareness campaigns to inform the Nigerian public about the importance of open knowledge, Wikimedia projects, and how they can contribute to and benefit from these resources.

Engage with Civil Society: Collaborate with civil society organizations, academic institutions, and like-minded advocacy groups to build a broader coalition advocating for open knowledge in Nigeria.

Regular Advocacy Updates: Keep the Wikimedia community and the public informed about advocacy efforts, progress, and policy developments through regular updates, blog posts, and social media.

Evaluation: Continuously monitor policy developments and assess the impact of advocacy efforts on open knowledge access in Nigeria. Measure success through the adoption of open access policies, copyright reform progress, increased digital literacy initiatives, and greater awareness of Wikimedia projects.

By launching the "Open Knowledge Access Nigeria (OKAN) Campaign," Wikimedia User Group Nigeria can play a crucial role in shaping public policies that promote open knowledge access, support Wikimedia initiatives, and advance the dissemination of free knowledge in Nigeria.

10. Please include a link to or upload a timeline (operational calendar) for your programs and activities. (required)
11. Describe your team. (required)
Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Staff Directory
S/n Name Position Role User Name Gender Status
1 Olushola Olaniyan Community Director He provides plans and strategies around advocacy, leadership roles, community development strategy, partnership and networking, conflict resolution issues, and promoting peaceful resolution among members. Olaniyan Olushola Male Volunteer
2 Omolayo Ogunsiji Executive Director She carries out the following roles: Serves as the face of the organization in public, oversees day-to-day operations, Works closely with BOT to pass information, provides the support needed for decision-making, ensures the organization maintains a sound financial system, Build a strong relationship with organization stakeholders, government, etc. Goldcity73 Female Volunteer
3 Olatunde Olalekan Learning and Evaluation Director 1. He collaborates with leadership to develop a strategic approach to learning and evaluation aligned with the organization's mission, 2. He Designs a comprehensive evaluation framework and plan with clear goals and key performance indicators, 3. He oversees data collection, analysis, and interpretation to draw insights from surveys, interviews, and metrics, He establishes systems to measure progress and outcomes and reports on performance, He determines the overall impact of the organization's activities on beneficiaries or stakeholders. TCell Male Volunteer
4 Ayokanmi Oyeyemi Program Diretor "1. Collaborating with senior leadership to align program objectives with the organization's goals and mission.
2. Designing and creating programs, including setting goals, objectives, and budgets.
3. Leading and supervising program staff, providing guidance, mentorship, and support.
4. Managing program budgets and resources efficiently to ensure program success.
5. Managing program budgets and resources efficiently to ensure program success.
6. Addressing challenges and obstacles during program implementation and finding solutions." Kaizenify Male Paid
5 Kayode Yussuf Network and Clubs Director "1. Develop and implement a strategic vision and plan for community development that aligns with the needs and goals of the Networks and Fan Clubs in the community.
2. Engage with community members, leaders, organizations, and government agencies to build partnerships and collaborate on development projects.
3. Identify and secure funding sources, grants, and resources to support community development initiatives.
4. He oversees operations and plans of Networks and Fan Clubs to determine areas of need of the affected community.
5. Provide support in the area of conflict resolution in the community.
6. Serve as the liaison between the Executive members and various Networks and Fan Clubs in the community. " Kayusyussuf Male Volunteer
6 Ashioma Medi Grant Officer "1. Supervises and provides support to the community Granting Committee.
2. Provide technical support to community members interested in the WUGN Community Support Granting program.
3. Organise meetups and training programs to support our Networks and Club leaders in grant-making.
4. Prepare monthly documentation for Fund disbursement for approved grants.
5. Prepare monthly reports to the executives of WUGN on Grant operations and management from Networks and affiliates. " SuperSwift and Ashioma(WUGN) Male Paid
7 Adetola Adetona Learning and Evaluation Officer " 1. Collaborate with leadership of Networks and Clubs and program managers to develop comprehensive evaluation plans that align with organizational goals and objectives.
2. Collect, organize, and analyze data using various research methods and data analysis tools from the community to measure program effectiveness and outcomes.
3. Develop and manage performance measurement systems to track progress against benchmarks and goals, ensuring data accuracy and relevance.
4. Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of programs, including curriculum, training, or educational offerings, and make recommendations for improvement.
5. Identify areas for program enhancement from the community based on data analysis and evaluation findings, working with teams to implement improvements.
6. Assist in resource allocation decisions by providing data-driven insights into program effectiveness and efficiency.
7. Stay updated on evaluation software, tools, and technology to enhance data collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities.
" AborishadeAdetona Male Paid
8 Adenike Bakare Social Media Officer Handles awareness for all programs on social media and creates engagement in all our communication rooms. Fine Acer Female Volunteer
9 Rhoda James Graphics and Creative Officer Cteates banner and various creative contents on social media Female Volunteer
10 Amaga Blessing Office Receptionist Handles the reception of visitors and manages attendance at the office. Gender Paid
11 Tunde Asaolu Accountant He's in charge of keeping record of all financial transactions Male Paid
11 Tunde Oladimeji Audio visual consulatnt Direct the production of audiovisual program Male Paid
12. Will you be working with any internal (Wikimedia) or external partners? Describe the characteristics of these partnerships and bring a few examples of the most significant partnerships. (required)
Our team intends to work with mission-aligned partners within the Wikimedia movement and outside our ecosystem that share in our overall objective of improving the sum of human knowledge.

The following characteristics must be identified and established before any of such partnerships:

  1. Shared Values and Objectives: Wikimedia User Group Nigeria will partner with the organization with shared values and common objectives related to openness, collaboration, and transparency. Both parties must agree to release their content to improve the sum of all human knowledge.
  2. Collaborative Projects: Partnerships often involve joint projects or initiatives to advance a specific cause or address a particular issue. These projects should reflect the mission and goals of the Open Movement organization. For example, in the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year, we collaborated with professional photographers and photographic organizations in all our Wiki Loves events to contribute quality images to Wikipedia and its sister projects.
  3. Community Engagement: We plan to work with Open Movement organizations with active communities of supporters and contributors. Partnerships can involve engaging these communities in joint initiatives and encouraging collaboration among community members. For example, our community joins community members in Uganda, Tanzania, and Cameroon to organize trainings and edit-a-thons for Women in Media through partnership with African Women in Media.
  4. Open Licensing and Intellectual Property: All our partners must agree to release content curated from the relationship under the relevant Creative Commons licenses and promote the use of open-source software.
  5. Advocacy and Outreach: We intend to partner with organizations that can amplify our advocacy efforts by leveraging the influence and resources of partner organizations to promote open practices and policies. The Vibility Project is a gender-based advocacy project aimed at improving the visibility of African women on the internet. We achieved the mentioned objective through a partnership with African Women in Media with 1000+ professional media women in their network. At the same time, we provided the encyclopedia to profile notable African women on the internet.
13. In what ways do you think your proposal most contributes to the Movement Strategy 2030 recommendations. Select all that apply. (required)
Improve User Experience, Coordinate Across Stakeholders, Invest in Skills and Leadership Development


Wikimedia Metrics[edit]

14. Please select and fill out Wikimedia Metrics for your proposal. (recommended)
14.1. Number of participants, editors, and organizers.

All metrics provided are optional, please fill them out if they are aligned with your programs and activities.

Participants, editors, and organizers
Metrics name Target Description
Number of all participants 1150 Our target audience includes
   1. Photographers- More than 500 Librarians
   2. Students- More than 500 students
   3. Lecturers- More than 50 lecturers
   4. Member of the public - more than 100 members of the public
Number of all editors 160 N/A
Number of new editors 140
Number of retained editors 20
Number of all organizers 30 N/A
Number of new organizers 20
14.2. Number of new content contributions to Wikimedia projects. (recommended)
Contributions to Wikimedia projects
Wikimedia project Created Edited or improved
Wikipedia 500 1000
Wikimedia Commons 5500 500
Wikidata 1000
Wikisource 1000 500
Wikimedia Incubator
Wikifunctions / Abstract Wikipedia
Description for Wikimedia projects contributions metrics. (optional)

Other Metrics[edit]

15. Do you have other quantitative and qualitative targets for your project (other metrics)? (required)
Other Metrics Description Target


16. Will you have any other revenue sources when implementing this proposal (e.g. other funding, membership contributions, donations)? (required)
16.1. List other revenue sources. (required)


16.2. Approximately how much revenue will you have from other sources in your local currency? (required)
17. Your local currency. (required)
18. What is the total requested amount in your local currency? (required)
19. What is the total requested amount in US dollars? (required)
Multi-year funding request summary
Year Amount (local currency) Amount USD
Year 1 N/A N/A
Year 2 N/A N/A
Year 3 N/A N/A
20. Does this proposal include compensation for staff or contractors? (required)
20.1. How many paid staff members do you plan to have? (required)

Include the number of staff and contractors during the proposal period. If you have short-term contractors or staff, please include them separately and mention their terms.

20.2. How many FTEs (full-time equivalents) in total? (required)

Include the total FTE of staff and contractors during the proposal period. If you have short-term contractors or staff, please include their FTEs with the terms separately.

20.3. Describe any staff or contractor changes compared to the current year / ongoing General Support Fund if any. (required only for returning grantees)
21. Please provide an overview of your overall budget categories in your local currency. The budget breakdown should include only the amount requested with this General Support Fund (required).
Budget category Amount in local currency
Staff and contactor costs
Operational costs
Programmatic costs
22. Please upload your budget for this proposal or indicate the link to it. (required)

Additional information[edit]

23. In this optional space you can add any other additional information about your proposal or organization that you think can help us when reviewing your proposal. (optional)

By submitting your proposal/funding request you agree that you are in agreement with the Application Privacy Statement, WMF Friendly Space Policy and the Universal Code of Conduct.

We/I have read the Application Privacy Statement, WMF Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct.