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Proposal to create WikiJournal. The Wikimedia Research Journal (WRJ).


  • CC-BY-SA 3.0 license scientific publications
  • New articles created as drafts
  • Article drafts reviewed in several rounds by volunteers (who state their expertise)
  • Elected editors decide whether or not to publish articles
  • Articles are fully protected after publication
  • Articles are placed in monthly journals after publication
  • Several journals, each with their own editors
  • Wikimedia Journal of Medicine, Wikimedia Journal of Physics, etc.
  • Main page links to several journals
  • The best articles from each journal are published in the main Wikimedia Research Journal



  • Scientific articles freely available without a pay wall
  • Public and viewable peer-review


  • Method to publish articles in a simple way
  • Articles are immediately freely available to the public
  • The review process is open and feedback is made easy


  • Make Wikimedia interesting for Universities and highly educated people
  • Get more editors from the scientific community


  • Wikimedians can help in the publishing proces or creating articles and can get a mention in a publication themselves

Why needed[edit]

Free knowledge can exist and be summarized (like Wikipedia, Wikivoyage or Wikispecies), or it can be created (like Wikinews) or anything in between (like Wikimedia Commons). Free knowledge should include scientific publications. However we have no place to publish articles or store already published articles. Alot of research goes unpublished, or is published behind pay walls. Wikimedia can help facilitate scientists in publishing truely free scientific articles. Wikimedia can help create an open peer-review proces by professionals and by volunteers to create quality.

A new project is needed, because it will be needed to protect the pages against further editing after publication. Also it will create original research which is not permitted in other projects.


  • Do we want to offer space to store already published articles or should that be a seperate project, or should that be the main focus of the project in the first place?. In my opinion another project, like Wikisource, would be a more suitable place to store already published articles.


Feedback is welcome on the talk page.